MTN Free 50GB Data: How to Truly Get it

Recently, I have being receiving a lot of Whatsapp messages asking me to provide them with a valid IMEI they can use to enjoy the new rocking MTN free 50GB tweaks, here I have come with your request. I am just writing this to put you through the actual process to get the FREE 50GB of MTN data rather than the other useless IMEIs that's filled the blogs and forums.

If you do not get it right and still decide to Whatsapp me over the same MTN free 50GB data issue again, you should be ready to pay for my time then.

Unlike most others that have never done the free 50GB tweak and still publishing wrong info, I have done it and I would explain to you clearly how I did it to get the MTN 50GB free data on my 2 personal SIMs and on some other people's MTN SIMs here -of course, I collected money because I can't give such awuf out completely free of charge.

How to Get the Right IMEI for the MTN FREE 50GB Data

Observe the image below well, if you cannot see it well, click on the image to enlarge it.
Valid HTC One X IMEI

Firt, let me tell you some facts!
1- All the IMEIs I have listed below are invalid IMEIs and you can never produce any VALID IMEI out of them. People are just posting rubbish on the internet. To make it even worst, some people keep copying all the rubbish around.

2- MTN does not actually credit FREE 50GB of data however, you can do it multiple times using different IMEIs to get up to 50GB.

If you check all the IMEIs above using IMEI Analyser (most of them are all around the forums and blogs) discussing this same FREE MTN 50GB, you will notice that they DO NOT have CD (Check Digit) which is actually what validates IMEI.

If you are give any IMEI and you check that the CD (Check Digit) is missing, don't even border yourself on it.

Unfortunately, I lost the valid Infinix Hot Note IMEI with my Whatsapp messages backup when I changed my phone. The IMEI was sent to me via Whatsapp by one of the ArykTECH fans in exchange for a service I rendered him. With that IMEI, I have generated nearly 26 VALID IMEIs and they all worked for the MTN FREE 50GB of data tweak.

So, if you happen to have someone who has Infinix Hot Note around you or that you have it, simply follow the guides below to claim your FREE MTN data.

How to Get FREE GB Data from MTN

1- Get a VALID Infinix Hot Note IMEI (you may skip this step if you have Infinix Hote Note)
2- Tweak the IMEI and change your phone's IMEI to the Infinix Hot Note IMEI you have generated. You may follow the guides here to change the IMEI.
3- Send INFINIX in an SMS to 131

Checking Data Balance>
Dial *123*4*3*2# or *559*4# to check your data balance.

Any volunteer to resend another VALID Infinix Hot Note IMEI to ArykTECH shall be appreciated.