Ways to Improve Android Applications Memory

Either rooted or not, most android device does not have enough space for applications installations, even those android devices that have 4, 8...GB application memory installed may not quench your taste for more applications on your android device.

However, if you really need to install so many applications on your android device and you do not want the " Low Application Memory " prompt to disturbing you, there are some tweaks you can apply to improve number of applications conceivable by your android device.

Ways To Improve Android Applications Memory

1- Change the Default Install Location to SD Card:
The first solution to the " Low Application Memory " of most android devices could be solved by changing the default install location.

If your phone uses SD Card. Your first option is to Set the SD Card as the default install location for all the applications. A detailed info on how to change the default install location for the applications is here.
Even if the default install location is set to your SD Card, for some reasons, some applications would still be installed on the internal memory.
2- Partition Your SD Card And Set As Application Memory:
Another alternative which is preferred but costly is getting a larger SD Card, partition it and set the partitioned space as your default application memory.
By this method, you would not have to worry about the " Application Memory Low " warning on your android device for a long time.
This method is safe but complex. More so, your SD Card needs to be linked to all the existing applications if you want the method to work for you.
The complete guide on how to partition your SD Card is here, if you prefer the method.

3- Use ADB Command-Lines to Forward Applications to the SD Card:
This method is the safest and cheapest but time consuming method of eliminating the " Low Application Memory" of android devices.
Safest because you don't need to root or tamper any aspect of the phone. And time consuming because you need to install all the applications on the phone using your PC.
This method requires that you have all ADB Drivers installed on the PC and that you have a little knowledge of the android debugging.
Detailed info on how to use this method, install applications on SD Card could be found here.

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