Microsoft 2013 Activator: Free Activation Guide And Download

Although, the Microsoft 2013 can be used completely free of charge for the first few days however, at a later time, you will be required to activate the Microsoft 2013 either by providing your activation key or by activating the Microsft 2013 via Microsoft server with the use of the internet.

Meanwhile, you can actually activate your version of Microsoft 2013 in less than 5 minutes even without any activation key. You just have to install a single program, let it run on the PC, enter the code which is provided here and pronto! Your Microsoft 2013 is activated.

How to Download And Run the Microsoft 2013 Activator

1- Download the Microsoft Activator from here: the file is compressed in a .zip file.
Download and extract it in a folder on your computer.

2- Open the folder wherein you downloaded the file above, open the password.txt and copy the password. It will be required when you start the program.

3- Now, lunch the main Microsoft 2013 activator: double-click the KSM app to lunch the activator, paste the password you copied earlier in the field provided then click next.
You can now sit back and relax and watch while your Microsoft 2013 is activated.

This program will not run successfully if you have Microsft Netframework 4.0 and above installed. You must uninstall the netframework prior to running this Microsoft 2013 activator.