Rooting Android By Flashing File Via Custom Recovery

In some android devices, gaining permanent root is not possible except that SU Binary is flashed via custom recovery and on the other hand; it is safer to gain root access in most android devices via the custom recovery thus, by flashing the SU Binary on such android device via custom recovery especially; in the case of fragile android devices that get bricked easily.

In this tutorial, I explain the simple step by step guides that put you through the process of flashing SU Binary on android devices via custom recovery.

Thanks to ChainFire and AndroidSU for making the flashable available for download.

Step By Step Guide to Flashing SU Binary On Android Devices Via Recovery

1- Download the File: you may download either of the two (2) available files whose links are given below. Download either of them and move or copy any of them to the root of your SD Card or the phone (Mass/Internal) storage.
Chainfire and Superuser

2- Reboot Recovery: reboot your phone to the recovery by using either the ADB command or by switching off the phone and put it back to recovery using the correct key combinations for putting your type of phone to recovery.

3- Flash the File: from the recovery menu, simply select install and navigate to the file and click it, confirm flashing it and then; proceed.

4- Reboot your Phone: the flashing process should not take more than 5 secs to complete. When flashing is complete, reboot your phone.

When the phone reboots, you should see android is upgrading. Wait until the process is complete and enjoy using the root access.
This method ONLY works for android devices that already have custom recovery flashed/installed on the phone.
Good luck.