Setting Preferred Flag On BBM Time Zone: UK, US Or Any Country

Although, this is nothing serious but you might find it interesting and useful whenever you feel like to play a little gimmicks on your friends.

The day I activated UK and my BBM starts displaying UK flag, some of my BBM contacts were just asking me maybe I can provide my UK address so that I may help them accomplish some services restricted to Nigerians. It took me some time to realized that it was because of the BBM location status they see.

Similar to cloned phone numbers that lets you call any country bearing any country's international dialing code, making it seem like you are calling from that country, you can actually set BBM to displaying another location as your current location.
For example:
If you are in Nigeria, you can set BBM to displaying UK or US as your current location.

How to Set Custom Location On BBM

The process is simple. Since BBM uses GPS and Network Time settings to determining your current location, you can simply point your phone's timing to another location so that BBM may think that you are in that location.

Configuring the Phone for the Tweak

1- Disable/Turn off the GPS settings on your phone.

2- Enable Google Location Services on the phone.

3- Disable Automatic Time Zone, then; select the Time Zone of the country you want BBM display as your current location.

4- Save the settings and go back to the BBM application and Activate show My Country And Time Zone from the BBM application settings.
That's all. BBM will immediately start displaying any country you choose/set as your current location.
A Z BBM Tweak
Please, DO NOT use this trick/hack to scamming people o! It's ONLY fair to have fun and flex with it.