Setting Up ADB Tools On your Windows PC

Android Debug Bridge, ADB for short are group of tools available for Windows, Linux and OSX computers. The ADB Tools are primarily used for troubleshooting and development purposes on android devices.

This tutorial puts you through a simple procedure(s) for setting up ADB Tools on your Windows PC and perhaps, how to lunch the ADB Tools.

Setting Up ADB Tools On Windows PC

1- Download the ADB Compressed ZIP folder from here.

2- Unzip/Decompress the downloaded file using either the native Windows explorer or a third-party program like WinRAR, WinZIP amongsts others.

3- Create a new folder and name it as you wish.
- Preferrably, the folder should be created under the Local Disk C.
- The new folder should be named as ADB or any name that can be easily remembered.
4- Copy all the files in the ADB Tools and paste them directly in the newly created folder.
And by that, you have successfully setup ADB Tools on your Windows PC.

Now, How to Lunch ADB Tools Created with this Procedure(s)

1- Click on the Windows Start Menu.

2- On the "Search Program And Files" field, type CMD and click enter. -this will help you lunch command prompt.
- you should notice that an highlighted file, bearing CMD appears on top before you click the Enter Button.
- If the CMD program is not highlighted, simply mouse over it and click.
3- When the Command Prompt window opens, type cd c:/adb -this will point you to the ADB Tools folder.

And by that, you are set to initiating all the basic ADB commands known to you.
- you need to download and install the ADB drivers for every android device you wish to use on the PC.
- this tutorial assumes that you are basic user and not a developer there; the ADB Tools contained here are for all the basic ADB and Fastboot commands plus a few more.