Clipper Lets you See All Copied Texts On Android Device

Android OS is a magnificent OS loaded with lots of functionalities and to even make it better, there are bunch of applications ready to complement its beauty.

In this article, I am going to reveal one of the beauties of the Android OS you probably didn't know of yet and that is the Android OS Clipboard.

On most OS, Operating System, the Clipboard is the specific memory made available for copied texts. Thus, any text files or document you copied within any program on the system are saved on the Clipboard.

In Android, the Clipboard saves up to 100 last copied text files or documents before they are overwritten by another - this is beautiful. Isn't it?

But ordinarily, you only have access to the last copied text whenever you need to paste your copied text back. Though, some applications like UC Browser lets you see and paste/copy your previously copied texts from the Clipboard but they are not widely available.

Meanwhile, to complement this beauty, you need applications like Clipper.

Clipper is an android application designed to work on any android devices and purposely for the management of the Android system Clipboard. With Clipper application installed on your Android device, you can view, copy, paste and even segment or re-arrange your copied text documents on the Clipboard.

Clipper lets you see up to the last 20 copied text files and documents (on Free version) and up to the last 50 or 100 copied texts on paid version.

Where to Download Clipper App

The Clipper application is available for download on the Google Play Store precisely from the link here.

How to Use the Clipper App

Using the Clipper App is as simple as copying texts on your Android Devices.

1- Download and Install Clipper: just download and install the Clipper App on your Android device.

2- Start Copying Text: any text you copy are automatically saved on the Clipper App.

3- Manage Copied Texts On Clipper: to re-copy, paste, re-arrange or permanently save some or all of your copied texts, simply open your Clipper App from App Drawer or anywhere to access your copied text documents.

It's as simple as that.