Custom Recovery for Lenovo S960s, Vibe X: Download Here

Recovery is an essential partition of an android device. It is the partition where maintenance of Android devices such factory resetting of the phone, flashing of the ROM and some other tweaks, advanced customized apps among others are being done.

The use for the Android recovery partition lists as much as can be remembered. However, having custom Recovery flashed on every Android devices is more useful and relaxing as compared to the stock recovery.
The Stock Recovery is the recovery partition that comes pre-built with most Android devices.
While the Custom Recovery is the modified recovery partition created and modified for advance uses on the Android system by some individuals or a group of people. 
The Stock Recovery has limited functionalities by build meanwhile, the Custom Recovery functionalities is endless.

In this article, I have attached a Custom Recovery (ClockworkMod) for use on Lenovo S960s.

The Lenovo S960s is one of the most recent Lenovo smartphones with beautiful designs and features.
To further add beauty to my Lenovo S960s, I created and flashed a ClockworkMod custom Recovery for it and by that, I am able to flash custom ROM on it, modify several other things; making it look just the way I like it.

Where to Download the Custom Recovery for Lenovo S960s

You may download the ClockWorkMod recovery for the Lenovo S960s here.

Learn how to flash the ClockWorkMod recovery on your Lenovo S960s here.

This custom ClockWorkMod recovery is made and being used ONLY on Lenovo S960s. I cannot say if it will work for or on Lenovo S960.
You may try it on Lenovo S960 though, it won't have any negative effect on your phone provided that you follow the right procedure.

If you have any questions, use the comment box below. And don't forget to share this with friends if it works for you.