Free Nokia Flash Files And Firmwares Downloader

To most mobile phone software engineers, firmwares for every phones are necessary files to have.
Why? Because you need firmwares or otherwise known as flash files (for Nokia phones) to flashing, upgrading, downgrading and even in unlocking most if not all phones.

Nokia, BlackBerry and iOS firmwares are quiet easy to download because they are compiled and can be downloaded straight from there respective servers.

However, Nokia requires a bit more intelligence in downloading the flash files, that's if you are downloading from the internet.

Here, I am sharing with you a Windows Program software that can be used to download any Nokia phone flash files. It can be used to download Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone Firmware) flash files, Nokia Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle flash files and other old Nokia phones flash files which include the Nokia Symbian SV3, SV4, SV5 and SV6 flash files.

This Nokia flash files downloader can be installed on any Windows PC from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 though, as far as I am concerned; it works best on Windows 7.

How Do I Use the Nokia Flash Files Downloader

1- Download the Nokia Flash Files Downloader from here.
2- Install the Nokia Firmwares Downloader On your PC.
3- Lunch the Nokia Firmware Downloader by double-clicking on the program.
4- Go back to your PC's Desktop, create a new folder with a unique name you can remember.
5- Go back to the Nokia Flash File Downloader, locate the phone's flash file you wish to download, note its RM-Number down.
6- Go back to the folder you created on step 4 above. Inside the folder, create another folder and name it as the name of the phone's RM number e.g RM-878.
7- Go back to the Nokia Flash File Downloader and mark all the flash files you need for that phone then, click "Download".
8- Navigate to the folder you created for the phone and select it.

You can now relax and watch while your downloads continue.

Don't understand the Flash Files Downloading process? See the video attached below: