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Get 9GB for N3,500 And 4GB for N2,500: Airtel Users

Since the introduction of the android devices and other smartphones, most of the Nigeria networks have been listening to the plea of their customers and they have started pushing the various android data plans into the market.

Airtel Nigeria is one of the first to introduce their android data plan into the market, the Airtel 1 + 1 Android Data Plan.

This Airtel Android Data plan was once discontinued for some reasons best known to Airtel.

The good news is, the nice android data plan from Airtel Nigeria has recently been re-introduced and you can now continue enjoying the surplus data bundle from Airtel.

Although, there are series of working cheats for various android devices but most of them do always have shortcomings except for the Glo BIS cheat for androids. This Airtel Android Data plan is preferably better in case you can't keep up the struggles for finding android browsing cheats.

What to Know About the Airtel 1 + 1 Data Plan

1- Not All Airtel SIM is Eligible
It is not fair that not all Airtel SIMs will be able to use this Airtel 1+1 Android plan therefore, to use this plan, you need to varify that your line is eligible for the plan.
To verify that your line is qualified to use this Airtel 1 + 1 data plan for android, just follow the simple instructions below:
Dial *437*1# for the Android bundle of 4GB for N2,000or
Dial *438*1# for the Android bundle of 9GB for N3,500
If your line is eligible for the plan, you will receive a message similar to this;
Dear customer, you do not have sufficient balance for this plan
Congratulations. You may proceed to load your SIM with the amount and subscribe for the plan.

Meanwhile, if you receive the message quoted below;
“Dear customer, you do not qualify for this plan”,
You are not eligible for the plan. Don't subscribe for the plan because it will not work for your SIM.
However, you may use the alternative Airtel subscriptions.

Subscription Code for the Airtel Data Plan

If your line is eligible for the plan, below here is how to subscribe to either of the subscriptions;

1- Dial *437*1# to get 4GB at N2,000 valid for 2 months.
2- Dial *438*1# to get 9GB at N3,500 valid for 2 months.

1- To check your data balance, dial *223#
2- This Android data plan, 1+1 offer works on all devices, including iPhone/iPad, Windows phone, Symbian/Java phone, modem and others. All you need is just an eligible Airtel SIM card.

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