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How to Check Find My iPhone Status On Apple Products

Few days ago, a guy brought an iPhone 6 with Find My iPhone on it to me. He wanted to unlock the iPhone 6.
Mostly, I treat such services with extra care because most that demand for such services either stole the iPhone or bought it on the street. But in this guy's case, the iPhone 6 was purchased legitimately because he was able to provide me all the document I demanded for.

Just in case you ever wish to purchase an iPhone from someone or want to swap, it is always advisable for you to check if the iPhone, iPad or iPod is having Find My iPhone Service enabled.

What is Find My iPhone?

Find My iPhone is a security measure that when enabled on iPhones, iPads and some other Apple products, helps the user of that particular Apple product to have remote access on the iPhone, iPad or any Apple product on which the Find My iPhone service is activated.

Why Do I Have to Check the Find My iPhone Status?

For many reasons, it is necessary for you to check the Find My iPhone status of any iPhone, iPad or iPod you are to buy. Below here, I list few reasons why you should check the Find My iPhone service status on most Apple product you wish to buy or swap.

1- For Ownership Claims:
Even if you have purchased the Apple product directly from the original owner with Find My iPhone service enabled on the device, if you don't know the Find My iPhone details usually; the Username and the Password the original owner used, you are still not the owner of the iPhone, iPad or iPod because you won't have full access on it.

2- Upgrade/Restore Possibility Reasons:
If Find My iPhone service is enabled on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and for one reason or another; you could not remember the Find My iPhone service details, you may not be able to factory reset, restore or upgrade the iPhone, iPad or iPod. This is because if you do, the iPhone, iPad or iPod will first request for your Find My iPhone service details before it boots on to your app drawer.

Besides that, you won't be able to access anything on the device. It will simply be as good as dead gadget on your hand.

3- Avoid Extra Costs:
If for any reason, the device eventually requests for the Find My iPhone service details in the future, you will be forced to remove the Find My iPhone service on the device -and that's done for N25,000 at ArykTECH at the moment and we do it ONLY if you are able to prove that you are the real owner of it supported with police report and affidavit.

How to Check Find My iPhone Status

Now, checking the Find My iPhone service status of any Apple products is really simple an only takes few seconds.
To check the find my iPhone status of any Apple products, simple follow the guides below;

1- Write down the IMEI of the iPhone, iPad or iPod. If you don't know how to check the IMEI, simply dial *#06# on the phone.

2- Visit the Apple Activation Lock page here.

3- Enter the IMEI or Serial number of the device on the space provided as in the image below.

4- Enter the capcha code in the space provided as in the image below.

5- Click Continue. The next page shows you either Find My iPhone is enabled on the device or not.

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