How to Flash Nokia Phones :Complete Guide

For some reasons, flashing a Nokia phone may be demanded and most of these reasons are usually connected to the software malfunctions of some sorts on the phone.

In this tutorial, we will be discussing Nokia phones flashing and means by which Nokia phones could be flashed.

Why Flash A Nokia Phone?

Before we can conclude that a Nokia phone requires flashing, certain malfunctions may have occurred. Below here, I enlist few things that might eventually result in flashing most Nokia phones.

1- If a Nokia phone fails to boot on fully, flashing the phone could solve the problem.

2- If certain applications fail to open on the phone. Applications like Native (Nokia) browser that comes with the phone, Nokia store amongst others -flashing is necessary to solve the problem.

3- If a Nokia phone fails to power thus, if it does not power at all -flashing the phone could resolve the issue.

4- On-and-off problem which is usually caused by corrupted system files on the phone can also be corrected by flashing the Nokia phone.

5- White-Screen display; this problem is common with Nokia Asha phones and Nokia Symbian V3 phones and such error/malfunctions can be corrected by flashing the phone.

For a full list of Nokia phones problems that may demand flashing the phone, see the 10 Nokia Phone Problems that Demand Flashing here.

Windows Programs for Flashing Nokia Phones

Although, there are several software that could be used to flash Nokia phones, Here, I would discuss and demonstrate only 2 programs.

1- Phoenix Service Software: this is an official Nokia phones servicing software from Nokia cooperation -that was when Nokia was still mainly Nokia though, the software is still very functional
and still flashes all the available Nokia phones including the latest Nokia phones.

2- NokiaBest: NokiaBest is perhaps the simplest and the commonest application for flashing Nokia phones. NokiaBest supports both COM (Ports) and USB, just as other Nokia phones flashing programs.

Required Files For Flashing Nokia Phones

Before we discuss how to flashing Nokia phones using either of the programs mentioned above, let us quickly highlight the files/items that are required to complete a Nokia phone flashing operation.

1- Your PC (Laptop or Desktop)

2- Nokia Phone Flashing Program. Either of the Nokia phone flashing programs is required but here, we would discuss NokiaBEST and Phoenix Service Software.

3- Nokia USB Drivers Installed on the PC : all the Nokia USB Drivers are required for a successful flashing operation. You can simply install the Nokia PC Suits -it comprises all the drivers.

4- USB Cable : a compatible USB Cable for the Nokia phone should be made ready. In the case that USB fails, you may need to use COM PORT.

5- Flash Files : flash files are otherwise known as firmwares. This is where Nokia Phones System files are packed. The flash files are being used in upgrading, unlocking, flashing and even downgrading Nokia phones.

Preparing your PC for Nokia Phone Flashing

This is a topic necessary to be discussed here. To make flashing any Nokia phone easier and with much less struggles, you should prepare the PC for flashing operation first.

The steps given below are expected to be done prior to flashing any Nokia phone on the PC.

1- Download And Install Nokia PC Suite: Nokia PC Suit is a long time official Nokia phones manager from Nokia. The Nokia PC Suit comes with all Nokia phones drivers except for the Nokia-Windows phones which include the Nokia Lumia and Normandi phones.

Meanwhile, you may install the Nokia Manager for Store or the NokiaCareSuit for the Nokia-Windows phones. By having the two (2) programs installed on your PC, you have had all the Nokia phones drivers installed on your PC.

2- Install Nokia Phones Flashing Programs: depending on your choice, you may decide to install as many Nokia phone flashing programs as you want. All that is necessary is that, get them installed on the PC.

3- Prepare Nokia Phones Flash Files Folder: details about flash files are discussed further within this article. If you have had Nokia Phone flash files, compile them in a folder otherwise, download and assemble them within a folder on your PC.

You may decide to have a backup copy of that folder on your PC -just in case.

And by that, you have done more than 80% of the work.

How to Flash Nokia Phones

As mentioned above, we would be discussing two (2) programs for flashing Nokia phones and just below here I explain with illustrations on how to flashing Nokia phones using both of the programs to be discussed.

A: How to Flash Nokia Phones Using NokiaBEST
NokiaBEST is a premium Windows program suitable for flashing most Nokia phones.

Now, Flashing Nokia Phones with NokiaBEST;

1- Install the NokiaBEST Program on your PC -the download link for the working NokiaBEST is included in the eBOOK copy of this tutorial. The eBOOK discusses various software repair guides for Nokia, BlackBerry, Android and iOS.

It is sold for N2,500 -in case you are interested, use the contact us link or join our group here to get your copy of the eBOOK.

2- On successful installation, double-click the NokiaBEST program to lunch it on your PC. Then, you can setup NokiaBEST as in the image below.
Click the Image for A Wider View

From the image above, you can see that the data package (Where Nokia Flash Files are located on the PC) is set to C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products by default, if you have stored your Nokia flash files in a different location, you may change your directory as seen from the option in the image above.

3- Connect your USB Cable to the PC: connect the USB Cable you wish to use for the flashing operation to the PC and connect the other end to your phone.

4- Let the PC Install the Necessary Drivers: wait for few seconds for the PC to install the drivers necessary for that flashing operation operation before you proceed.

5- Follow the illustration on the image below to commence flashing.
Click Image for A Wider View

i- Select the flashing TAB
ii- Select the RM of the Nokia phone you wish to flash. You can find the RM-Number of that phone at the back (under the phone batter) of the phone or by dialing *#0000#.
iii- Select Flash Mode Settings. From there, select "Full Flash"
iv- Select "Dead Mode"
v- Click "FLASH". You can now sit back, relax and wait until the flashing operation is complete.

NOTE: the tutorial above assumes that you are flashing the Nokia phone in "Dead Mode"

B- How to Flash Nokia Phones Using Phoenix Service Software

Phoenix Service Software is the official software from Nokia released for servicing Nokia phones.
In this tutorial, I supposed you have installed the Phoenix Service Software on your PC.
Now, Flashing your Nokia Phone Using Phoenix Service Software

1- Launch Phoenix service software on your computer by clicking on its icon on your computer's desktop.

2- Connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable. Your phone should be put off and the battery removed from the phone.

3- Wait for a few seconds, insert the battery into the phone while it's still connected and briefly press the power button.
Wait few seconds while phoenix service software detects the connected phone and install the files necessary for the flashing operation.

4- Click on "FLASHING" on the menu option then, scroll to "Firmware Update" and select it.

5- The next box that shows up automatically loads the necessary files needed to complete the operation as in the screenshot below. Just click on "Update Software" and the process begins immediately.
For Trouble-shootings and guidelines, visit 10 Best Practices for Flashing Nokia Phones