How to Put your Android Device In Safe Mode

Just like it is used on Windows Computers, Safe Mode is used to correct certain errors in android devices or to troubleshoot certain malfunctions either in the phone inbuilt applications or installed applications.

Safe Mode in android device is very useful, especially when the error is just beginning to manifest.

How Does Android Safe Mode Works?

In Safe Mode, android devices are being run with less features and functionalities meanwhile, not all applications features are available in Safe Mode because certain shells have been disabled (In Safe Mode) by the android system.

As a result, you can fully manage most application on android devices when in safe mode.

In What Circumstances Can I Use Android Safe-Mode?
Although, this depends on the kind of error or malfunctions you experience on the device, I enlist few of the things that may warrant putting your android device in safe mode.

1- Un-installable Applications: if you recently installed certain application on your android device and notice certain malfunctions on the phone, you might have to uninstall that particular application.

However, if such application fails to uninstall, you may boot your phone to safe mode and uninstall the app from there.

2- Proper SuperSU Clear: certain devices like the HTC One M9 do display some funny behaviours when they are not rooted either using the right app or following the right procedures. In such cases, you may need to boot the phone in safe mode, uninstall the app you used in rooting the phone, clear SU Script and restart the phone to restore its proper functions.

Generally, Safe Mode is useful for putting your android devices back into its normal shap and form whenever you noticed any abnormalities that cannot be solved in normal android mode.

How Do I Turn On Safe Mode In Android?

Although, it is not the same for all android devices, the method discussed here works for most androids.

To put your android device in safe mode, simply follow the guides below;

1- Press and hold the power button of the android until the screen that lists;
i- Power Off
ii- Airplane Mode
iii- Restart
shows up as in the image below;

2- Release the Power-Button
3- Press and hold the Power Off option until it asks;
"Do you want to reboot to safe mode...."
as in the image below;

4- Tap OK and your phone will reboot to safe mode.

You can do whatever you wish to do in safe mode and restart the phone back.