How to Share your Laptop Internet Connection

Prior to the introduction of the android devices and other smartphones that now make tethering (sharing internet connectivity) among various devices easier, it was difficult to sharing internet connections between devices at least, for laymen. Thanks to Android OS, the tethering functionality was first seen on it, at least in Nigeria.

Now, another thought that might come to mind is; "Can I Share My PC (Laptop or Desktop Internet Connection with Other Devices?"

YES. It is very possible to share your laptop or desktop internet connectivity with other devices around even, with outdated devices that do not have WiFi.
For example:
You work in an office where internet connection is restricted to ONLY a few devices and you want your iPad, Tab or smartphones to enjoy flawless internet connectivity while at work; you can simply use this method to share the internet connection and bypass the restriction.
Other than for the reason stated above, this method can also be used to connect multiple devices. Laptops, Desktops, iPad, iPhones, Android smartphones, BlackBerry smartphones among others can all be connected to a single source at the same speed as if it were one.

Turning Laptop to A Router, How is that Possible?

Your laptop cannot ordinarily do that much. To turn a laptop or desktop to a router, you only need to install Connectify on the laptop so that you may be able to share your laptop internet connection with any devices or gadgets around.

What Are the Requirements?
There is no special requirements for connectify to work perfectly on your PC. You only have to have a PC running Windows 7 or above.
However, it should be noted that Connectify works better on Windows 7 (SP1). Works well on any version of Windows 8+. Also, you should have Microsoft NetframeWork 4+ installed on your PC to use connectify.

How to Setup Connectify On My Laptop?

1- First, download Connectify from the link here.
2- Install Microsoft NetframeWork on your PC. If you can't do that, just proceed to the stage 3 below.
3- Double-click the Connectify setup file you downloaded from link above to install it.

Connectify would scan your PC to see if you have Microsoft NetframeWork 4.5 installed otherwise, it would attempt to download and install it with a pop notification.
Proceed with the installation by following the instructions until it completes.
Internet connection is needed to do that.

How Do I Share My Laptop Internet Connection Using Connectify?

It's easy, once you have installed Connectify on your PC, simply follow the step by step guides below.

1- Connect your laptop to a WiFi.
2- Lunch Connectify from your laptop's home screen or wherever you have created/moved the connectify shortcut.
3- Select the option you want from the Connectify startup screen as seen on the image below.

4- Click Start Hotspot and by that, you are done.

You can now use your other devices to search for your laptops wireless and connect to it straight away.
If you wish, you may decide to secure the wireless with a password to prevent unauthorized access to it.

I Already Have My Phones, Why Do I Need Connectify?

1- To Avoid Overcharges for Costly Connections
You might end up in cafe to do certain things on your laptop and at the same time, you might need to connect your phone(s) as well, if you have connectify on your PC; you can simply fire it up and share the laptop's internet connection with your phone(s) instead of paying for another extra charges for your phone(s). Or, maybe you're stuck at a hotel that charges for Internet per-device. With Connectify Hotspot, you can join the WiFi with your laptop, start a hotspot, and get all of your devices online for the price of one.

2- WiFi Repeater Mode Boosts your Range Instantly – MAX
Another advertange of using Connectify is the WiFi range expansion. You can extend the range of your existing WiFi network if you are subscribed to the connectify Hotspot MAX.

3- Bypass Connectivity Restrictions
Maybe you find yourself in a company that restricts internet access, a school cafe that reduces bandwith or even; a cafe that restricts usage, Connectify can help you break off all the rules and protocols.