Preferred Alternative for IDM, Internet Download Manager

The need for internet download manager and booster for Windows PC is on the high side since downloading on most browsers on the Windows PC are really slow and boring. Although, UC Browser for Windows PC is really doing its part, proven to have been the number 1 Windows PC browser with the best download manager.

IDM is probably the most known download manager for the Windows PC and it is really good however, IDM is not completely FREE for use though, IDM crack versions are available for use.

But, instead of using the cracked version of the IDM which subsequently fails and have high risks of infesting your PC with virus of all sorts, why not seek for an alternative for the IDM which is completely FREE for use.

Well, if you seek to download an alternative download manager and download booster for use on your Windows PC, here is one for you.

DAP, Download Accelerator Plus is such a program that can serve as alternative for IDM, if not even better.

DAP has virtually all the features you enjoy on IDM and downloads as fast as Intert Download Manager as well.

DAP, Download Accelerator Plus Features

1- Simultenous Download:
Similar to most other download accelerators, DAP supports simultaneous downloads which means, you can download multiple files at a time and at almost the same speed.

2- Pause And Resume:
Using DAP, you can easily pause your current downloads and resume your downloads later. Although this feature is not supported on some servers, DAP automatically identifies supported servers and warns you either to proceed or not.

3- Automatic Mirror Speed:
DAP can automatically switch your ongoing downloads from one server to another if it finds out that your current mirror is slower without losing the already downloaded files.

4- Easy Integration:
DAP automatically integrates with your browsers such that whichever file to be downloaded from the browsers are grabbed automatically by DAP, making downloads easier for you.

DAP is known to have contained malware. While installing DAP on your PC, be sure that you choose the custom installation so that you may install ONLY DAP on your PC.
If you mistakenly choose "the Complete" installation, DAP will install malware on your PC and they will make your browsers almost USABLE.

You may download DAP from here.