Remotely Connect And Work On your Windows PC, Even With Others

Working on several computers could be annoying sometimes, especially; if you are the type that deals with so many documents on different computers and at different locations.

For example, you work in a data processing company, with loads of documents daily. Most of the time, you will have to work with your official computer which might not be allowed to take home. What will you do then, if you have tedious work to do when you can spare a little time on them at home?

It is exactly for some reasons like this you might need to have TeamVIEWER installed on your PC.

TeamVIEWER is a Windows program that makes networking your Windows computers much more handy and simple than it usually be.

With TeamVIEWER, you can remotely access your computers anywhere your are or anywhere the computer might be.
You can easily transfer files to and fro computers, work on another computer remotely or extract files from one computer to another.

How Do I Get TeamVIEWER And Use it?

1- First, you should download the free version of the TeamVIEWER Windows program from here.

2- Install the TeamVIEWER application on your PC.

3- Lunch the TeamVIEWER application on your PC and follow the procedures to set up the application.
TeamVIEWER randomly selects password and allocate it to your computer for some security reasons.
And that's all. You are well set.

Now, you might be wondering how to use the TeamVIEWER to view files and document on another computer. It is simple. Just follow the procedures explained below.

How to Connect TeamVIEWER Remotely to Another Computer

Here, I assume that you have installed the TeamVIEWER application on your Pc.

1- Lunch the TeamVIEWER application on your PC.
The other PC must also have TeamVIEWER installed on it otherwise, you will have to go through the process explained above on the other PC as well.
2- Input The Other PC's ID on the Partner ID filed as seen in the image below. If you don't have the other PC's ID, you will have to request for it.

3- Choose your mode of connection. Select either "Remote Control", "File Transfer" or "VPN".

4- Click "Connect to Partner" and TeamVIEWER would immediately initiate the connection.
You will be asked to exchange passwords.Simply input your current password being displayed on TeamVIEWER and proceed.

So, How Do I Access My Other Computers Remotely Using TeamVIEWER?

If you want to use the remote access to controling your PC remotely, you need to register with TeamVIEWER and always have the service active.

The registration is free and only requires your login email and password. That's all.

Have any question? use the comment box below.