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Remove iPhone Activation Lock

Remove iCloud Activation lock from your iPhone, iPad and iPod or simply bypass the iCloud unlock on the iPhone or iPad from ArykTECH.

What is Activation Lock on iPhone, iPad or iPod? 

On most Apple products, activation is required at first use.
This Activation credentials are subsequently required usually; the email and the password that was used when the iPhone, iPad or iPod was being set up at first use, to activate the iPhone, iPad or iPod whenever a factory reset is done on the iPhone, iPad or iPod.
The activation credentials are also required whenever the iPhone, iPad or iPod is upgraded or downgraded.

The activation credentials could be your iCloud Account details or any email credentials that was connected to the iPhone, iPad or iPod at first use.

My iPhone Just Locked. I Didn't Upgrade, Factory Reset or Downgrade it
If that's the case, it means Find My iPhone is activated on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and has been triggered to lock your device by the original user from iCloud.
If you're sure you purchased the device, you can bring it to ArykTECH. We will unlock the device and deactivate the Find My iPhone on it.

What is Find My iPhone?
Find My iPhone is a security measure that when enabled on iPhone, iPad or iPod, it allows the user to have remote access to the iPhone, iPad or iPod regardless of the location and time of the day.
Learn more about Find My iPhone here and how to check the Find My iPhone status.

Supported Apple Devices
Currently, we remove Activation Lock on all Apple products including iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPhone 4 and 4s, and others. All iPads and iPod are also supported.

How Much Does the Service Costs? 
Device List: Price/Activation Unlock: Required Days (Working Days)
iPhone 4 ₦4,000 4 Days
iPhone 4s ₦9,000 14 Days
Other iPhones ₦15,000 14 Days
iPad1 (Original) ₦5,000 4 Days
Other iPads ₦20,000 14 Days
All iPods ₦15,000 14 Days

Please note that the price tag above for each Apple device does not include SIM/Network unlocks.
Learn more about iPhone, iPad SIM or Network Unlocks here.

Can you Remove the Activation Lock Remotely?
No. iCloud Unlock or Activation Lock remover on Apple devices cannot be done remotely, at least, we do not yet know of any means to remove the activation lock remotely.
In view of this, you either bring your iPhone, iPad or iPod to our office or send it over to us via courier or public transit.

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