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SavefromNET Downloads YouTube Videos Faster On Windows PC UC Browser

SavefromNET is one of the few Windows PC programs that can be used to download videos from YouTube and some other websites however, SavefromNET has compatibility issues and does not work well with some browsers.

SavefromNET works like extensions that's installed on browsers on your computer. It automatically integrates with the browsers on the PC. On some browsers like Firefox and IE, SavefromNET does not require additional add-ons while for some browsers like Google Chrome, it does require another third party add-on to function properly.

Recently, I used the SavefromNET on UCWeb Windows PC browser and it worked fine though, with the third party add-on installed on the browser.

Because the UCWeb Windows PC version is built on the same source as Google Chrome, it behaves more similar to the Google Chrome in the areas like plug-ins, add-on and extensions management.

I attempted downloading YouTube videos using the SavefromNET on the UC Browser installed on my Laptop and I was amazed by the download speed.

It does not crash not even for once and the download speed was about 8X faster compare to when downloading using other browsers in the same or similar service conditions and on the same laptop.

In case you are having difficulties installing SavefromNET on your UC Browser for Windows PC, you should follow the instructions here.

The instructions given above is specifically for how to install SavefromNET on Google Chrome, it does work for how to Install SavefromNET on UC Browser for Windows PC as well since they are built on the same source.

If you have any questions or comments, simply use the comment box below.

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