Secure Windows PC Folders And Files with Password: How-to

As common with most humans, we sometimes want to protect our privacy especially; if you are the type that relates with so many people, protecting your privacy might be a little difficult but with this simple Windows PC program, you can secure certain folder on your Windows PC by hiding them away from common users.

Why Should I Secure Any Folder or File On My Windows PC?
Well, there certainly is individual's differences but below here, I pointed out just tow (2) of the many reasons why you may have to secure some Windows PC folders or files with passwords or finally hide them away thereby preventing unauthorized access to your crucial documents.

1- Privacy Protection:
You may feel like protecting certain personal and private documents such as your CVs, Bank details, some projects document amongst others.
You can just pack them all in a folder and secure them with password or better still, hide them away that which I believe is safest.

2- Quarantine Purpose:
Ideally, most people delete some files only to discover in few days later that they still have need for those files.
If you see certain files on your PC which you feel you yet have needs for them, you just create a new folder, move all those files in it and hide them.
That way, you will feel safer and your PC will look better and free of junks as well.

So, How Do I Secure or Hide Certain Folders On Windows PC?

Although, by default, it is possible to hide certain folders on Windows PC but you cannot secure them with password and as a matter of fact; you can search for those hidden files.

Meanwhile, to complement these shortcomings, there are loads of programs out there that can be used to hide and secure your Windows PC files and folders.
Here, I am going to discuss Folder Hidden as one of the best and completely free programs good for securing and protecting your Windows PC files and folders.

How to Use Folder Hidden to Hide And Secure Windows PC Folders

1- Download And Install Folder Hidden:
Download Folder Hidden from and install it on your Windows PC.

2– Setup Folder Hidden:
Now, you will need to setup the program following a successful installation of the program on your PC.
Simply Open the Folder Hidden program by double-clicking its short cut icon on your desktop. The first time you use it, you’ll be asked to enter a password.
This password would be used to accessing your secured files and folders so, use a password you cannot forget or lose.

3– Wait for the Programto Load:
This may take a moment but you need to wait a bit for the program to load. Once the program is loaded, click on the Hide Folder button.

4– Hiding Any Folder or File:
To hide any file or folder, simply navigate to the folder you wish to protect, select it with your mouse, then click OK. That folder is now hidden from within Windows Explorer and it cannot be seen by any programs on the PC.
If you wish to hide more files and folders, you may repeat this process as many times as you want.

And by that, you are done.

How to Access My Hidden Files And Folders:
To access your hidden folders, simply run the Folder Hidden program again.
From within Folder Hidden program, all your hidden programs are viewable and from there, you can simply Right-click on the folder you wish to access and click Unhide.

That's all.