Free 200MB for All Airtel Lines: No Cheat At All

You can get free 200mb, 100mb or both to make 300mb together from Airtel, if you're lucky. This is not a cheat. It is official and you can get it just once.
Until recently when I got another new Airtel line, I thought this was a cheat. I did this few months ago and again, recently when others are complaining that it's not working. You can even call Airtel customer care to lay your complaints if you are not given the free mb.

I can remember when Glo was not given me my 200% bonus on my Glo Bumper recharges. I called the customer care, laid the complain and few days later, my accumulated bonuses were credited to my line. That's by the way though now, to the talk of today; getting your free Airtel MB.
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How to Get FREE Airtel 200mb, 100mb or both

To be eligible for this free Airtel 200mb or 100mb offer, you need to be on the Airtel Club 10 Paddi.

Migrating to Airtel Club 10 Paddi:

If you are not on the Airtel Club 10 Paddi, you may migrate to the tariff plan using this code;
Dial *166# to migrate to club 10 Padi.

Claiming the Airtel Free 200 MB, 100 MB
If you have successfully migrated to the Airtel Club 10 Paddi, you can now dial any of the codes below to claim the respective data allotted to each code;

Dial *141*13*200# to receive free, 200MB and;
Dial *141*13*100# to receive free 100MB