Free PDF to Doc Converter Download

If you are looking for a free PDF to Doc converter program for your Windows PC, here is one for you. It's free to download and completely free to install and use on your Windows PC.

PDF, Portable Document File has become so popular that many authors and publishers prefer publishing their books in this format, PDF reason being that the PDF file format preserves fonts, can be signed and most importantly; the PDF document are not editable.

However, to make PDF files editable, you will need to first convert the file into an editable file format such as the .doc, docx documents among others.

And to do this, you will need a program that can convert PDF file to such editable file format like doc, Microsoft Word Document file format.

One of those programs that converts PDF files to doc, Microsoft Word Document format is PDFtoDoc.

PDFtoDoc is a Windows PC program for converting PDF files to Microsoft Word Document, .doc file format.
The PDFtoDoc program is intuitive, simple and swift at converting PDF file(s) of any size into Microsoft Word Document format.

It can be used to convert a single PDF file or a folder containing bunch of PDF files into word document format at once.

How to Use PDFtoDoc to Convert PDF Files

1- Download And Install PDFtoDoc: to begin converting PDF files to word document format, download and install the PDFtoDoc program on your PC. You may download PDFtoDoc from here.

2- Lunch PDFtoDoc: once installed, simply lunch the PDFtoDoc program on your PC by double-clicking its shortcut on your desktop.

3- Add File or Folder: click the ( + ) button to add pdf files or folder containing pdf files to be converted into word document formats.

4- Select Output Folder: ordinarily, PDFtoDoc creates a default folder for saving converted pdf files however, you have the option to choose where you want the converted pdf files saved.
To change the folder, simply navigate to your desired folder. See the image below.

5- Convert!: now, click convert it and wait few seconds or until the conversion is complete.