Free Unlimited Night Browsing with your MTN Line

For sometimes now, I have been browsing free at night using my MTN line but I never felt like it's worthy of sharing until yesterday when I downloaded up to 8.3GB of data using the same MTN line all for FREE.

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There is this Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, T111NQ that entered bootloop and I needed to flash it using Stock firmware. It is a common thing for Samsung androids, both Stock and Custom ROM are usually heavy to download so, I decided to download the files in the night since the download is even slow during the day.

To my surprise, last night, I just fired up ADM on my HTC One and started downloading the files and slept back, before I woke up, all the Samsung firmwares; Galaxy S6, Galaxy S Edge, Samsung Grand 2 and Samsung Tab 3, T111NQ which is actually my intended firmware were already downloaded.

This free night browsing is introduced by MTN sometimes ago and it is still active up to now.
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How to Enjoy the MTN Free Night Browsing

To enjoy this free unlimited night browsing from MTN, you need to be on the MTN iPulse tariff plan and must use up to N200 in the day prior to the night to be eligible for the free unlimited night browsing.

How to Migrate to MTN iPulse

In case you're not on MTN iPulse and would like to migrate to the MTN iPulse tariff plan, simply dial *406# and send it.

Note: the unlimited night browsing and download starts by 1 am and ends at 5 am every night.