How to Backup Whatsapp Chat History Manually

Although, Whatsapp automatically backup the Whatsapp chat history and the Whatsapp backup is usually scheduled for 4 am everyday by default. Thus, when you install Whatsapp on your device, it sets the backup time to 4 am so that at exactly 4 am everyday, the backup automatically takes place.

Now, do you know that your important chats are most likely done between 7 am and 10 pm? What if anything happens to your phone or Whatsapp between this period? Or that you need to sell or otherwise change your phone between these times, you should be able to make a backup of your Whatsapp chat history and then, transfer it on the other phone; if you wish.

In this tutorial, I discuss how to manually backup your Whatsapp chat history including the Whatsapp media files like pictures, music and others.

Guides for Backing Up Whatsapp Chat History

1- Open your Whatsapp Application.
2- Tap the Menu/Options icon on Whatsapp. See the image below.

3- Select Settings.

4- Select Chat Settings.

5- Scroll down to Backup Conversations and tap it.

6- Wait till the backup process is complete.

Note: this may take a few minutes depending on the volume of your Whatsapp chat messages.

By that, you have successfully backed up your Whatsapp chat history.

Transferring your Whatsapp Chat History to another Phone

Since the essence of backing up your Whatsapp chat history is either for transfer purposes or safe keeping, it is a good idea for you to know where your backups are made.

To locate your backed up Whatsapp chat history, simply go to;
SD Card <<>> Whatsapp <<>> Databases
Things to NOTE:
1- Only text chat messages are saved in Databases folder and each saved chat history are arranged as per the time they are saved.

2- To transfer all the contents of your Whatsapp chat history, simply transfer the whole of the Whatsapp folder to your desired destination.

3- The backed up Whatsapp chat history can ONLY be transfered to the same account.

If you have any more questions, use the comment box below.