How to Backup your Android Device Using Custom Recovery Method

Occasional backup of your android devices is useful and doing it with custom recovery is like a plus to the usefulness of occasional backup of android devices.

Recently, I discussed how to backup apk files of all the applications on your android devices. If you missed that tutorial, you may check it here.

Now, to the discussion for today. Besides safekeeping of your files, backing up your android devices using the custom recovery method gives you chances in case anything happens to your phone in a later date.

In this tutorial, I discuss the simple step by step tutorial on how to backup your android devices using the custom recovery method.

Guides for Backing Up Android Devices Using Custom Recovery

First, the Requirements;
1- Custom Recovery: either TWRP or CWM recovery or any other custom recovery is needed to complete the task.
Learn What Custom Recovery Is here
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How to Flash Custom Recovery On Samsung Androids

2- Memory Space: backing up your android devices using the custom recovery method requires fairly large space therefore; you need to have the required space freed either on your SD card or the internal memory (if your phone uses only Internal storage)
NOTE: if your phone uses both Internal and External (SD Card) storages, it is advised that you use your SD card (External storage) for the backup using this method.

Now, Backing Up your Android Device
1- Boot to Recovery: using either CMD command lines or recovery combo for the phone, boot the phone to recovery.

2- Select "Backup And Restore": navigate to backup and restore and select it.
NOTE: the interface for all the custom recoveries vary however, Backup And Restore options are similar.

3- Select Backup: now, select Backup and wait patiently until the backup process is complete.

Things to Note:
1- By default, Custom Recovery backup are created and done on the SD card. To locate the backup folder, go to;
(TWRP Recovery) SD Card TWRP Backups or;
(Clockworkmod Recovery) SD Card ClockWorkMod Backup

Advanges of Backing Up Android Devices Using Custom Recovery Method
1- The Last Minutes Backup: using this method, you get to backup every applications on your android devices including your data and history.
For example;
Your missed calls, Whatsapp chats, BBM chats among others are all saved and can be restored whenever you desire to.

2- Recovery Options: custom recovery backup files can be used to revive your android device in case it get bricked or malfunctions in later date.