How to Boot All iTel Android to Recovery Mode

Contrary to the recent tutorial on how to boot iTel android to recovery mode which does not work for all iTel android, this simple method works for all iTel android devices.

Using this simple method, you can boot any iTel android device into recovery mode and from there, you can factory reset, hard reset or soft format the iTel android.

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This method is useful if you have forgotten the pattern lock, password or passcode of your iTel android device.

Guides to Boot iTel Android to Recovery Mode

1- Switch off the iTel android device or remove its battery.
2- Press and hold the Power Button for about 3 seconds.
3- While still holding the power button, press and hold the volume-down (Volume -) button for about 3 seconds.
4- Release the two (2) buttons at once. I.E, release both power and volume-down button at once.
5- An android icon should display on the phone, simply press Volume-up button once and the phone should now boot to recovery mode.

Use the Volume-up to navigate up.
Use the Volume-down to navigate down.
The Power button to select.

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