How to Change Infinix Zero 2 IMEI

Being that the Infinix Zero 2 is still recent in the market, changing the IMEI might still be giving some people a bit of headache.

The truth is, the usual way of changing MTK androids IMEI does not work with Infinix Zero 2 just like the Infinix Hot Note that usually writes "not allowed in user build".

However, just as we are able to bypass the "not allowed in userbuild" issues on other Infinix MTK androids, we can change the Infinix Zero 2 IMEI as well.

And that is what I will discuss here. How to change the IMEI of your Infinix Zero 2, to either BlackBerry IMEI or any other IMEI of your choice. This method has been tested and confirmed working for the Infinix Zero 2.

Guides for Changing the Infinix Zero 2 IMEI

1- Root your Infinix Zero 2: this method of changing the Infinix Zero 2 IMEI involves rooting therefore; if your Infinix Zero 2 is not rooted, root it using the guides given in this tutorial on how to root Infinix Zero 2.

2- Download Mubile Uncle Application: download Mobile Uncle application from Play Store or anywhere and install it on your android device.

3- Download the IMEI.bak from here: here, I have prepared an IMEI.bak file. This file would flash new IMEI on your Infinix Zero 2 with the help of Mobile Uncle.
NOTE: this IMEI.bak file should be placed on the root of your SD Card or internal storage. See the image below;

4- Restore IMEI Using Mobile Uncle: now, open Mobile Uncleon the phone, navigate to the IMEI Backup Restore (MTK) and tap open.

5- Flash the IMEI.bak File: the next page should display the list of storages on your phone showing the ones having the IMEI.bak file in it.

Once identified, select the one that has it. Respond to pop up and then wait few seconds. Mobile Uncle will flash the IMEI and a pop up message will be shown to you.

You can reboot the phone and enjoy.
To confirm that your Infinix Zero 2 IMEI has being changed,simply dial *#06#.
NOTE: you new IMEI would be;
SIM1: is the normal IMEI
SIM2: is a valid BlackBerry IMEI