How to Extract APK Files of Android Apps: Backup Android Apps

From built-in apps to the external apps installed on your android devices, all could be backed up in just few minutes.
Either that you wish to backup  a single application or the whole of the apps on your android device, it's all possible with ES Explorer installed on your android device.

How to Backup .apk File of All Apps On your Android Device

The procedure is simple and only backs up the .apk files of installed apps on your android device.
If you need to backup the apps and their files, you should use Custom Recovery Backup here or Titanium backup method.

Now, Backing Up your Android Apps

1- Download ES Explorer and install it on your android device from here or from the Play Store.

2- Open/Lunch ES Xplorer then, tap the ES Menu button. See the image below;

3- Tap Library then, Apps as in the image below.

Depending on the number of Apps you have installed on the phone, you should wait few seconds for ES Explorer to load the installed Apps.

4- Tap And Hold any of the Apps to select. Once you mount a little pressure on any of the Apps, that particular App would be selected and you can continue selecting the ones to backup. See the image below for illustrations.

5- Tap Backup

Now, ES Explorer will begin backing up your selected applications. The backup process may take sometimes depending on the number applications you selected, their volume or size.

NOTE: once the backup is completed, you can access your backed up applications under;
SDCard <<>> Backups
The backup folder could be found on either your external SD Card or Internal SD Card.

When Should I Use this Backup Method?
The method of backing up android devices applications explained here is simple, easy and safe however, it should only be used if;
1- You wish to backup APK files of your android device to be sent to someone else.

2- Need to backup your android device applications for re-installation probably after a factory reset of that phone or when you need to install them on another phone.

3- Need to backup the Apps online or on another folder for safe keeping.

In a nutshell, this method is not suitable if you need to backup the Apps including their data.
When you need to backup BBM including your chats history.

If you need to backup android applications including their data, I recommend that you use Custom Recovery backup method which is explained here.

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