How to Set Custom Flag/Location On BBM Country Zone/Time Zone

It is no news that BlackBerry Messenger, popularly known as BBM has Location Flag and time features thus; BBM displays the time and flag of your current location. However, changing the location and flag as you wish is probably news to you.

Earlier, I discussed how to change the flag of your BBM as you wish in a tutorial but it was restricted to only androids.
In this tutorial, I discuss how to change the location and flag of your BBM as you wish. Thus; though you are in Nigeria, BBM would be displaying UK, France or anywhere you desire as your current location and this works with all devices.

Setting Preferred Location Flag On BBM

The step by step guides hereunder describes how to spoof your phone so that you may set and change your BBM location flag as you wish.

1- Disable Location Service: the location/provisioning service is used by several phones to determining your actual location therefore; in order to make this hack work, you should disable the location service on your phone.
NOTICE:1- the settings for disabling the location service varies from phone to phone. Navigate your phone to where the Location option is on your phone and disable it from there.
2- Disable the 'Show My Country And Time' option on BBM prior to this.
2- Set Time Zone: now, go to the Time And Date settings on your device to set your time zone to your desired location.
For example;
If you want BBM to display UK as your location, set your Time Zone to British.

3- Enable "Show My Country And Time" on BBM: now, go back to BBM to enable Show My Country And Time. This time, it does not display your actual country rather; it would display the flag of the country you have set in your Time Zone.
1- This hack has been confirmed working for all devices using BBM.
2- Mark "Automatic Time Zone" after setting your preferred time zone.

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