Install HTC Sense 7 with BlinkFEED On Any Android: How-to

HTC Sense 7 is the latest sense version at the moment and comes with HTC One M9 and other HTC phones alike. HTC Sense is the official HTC luncher just as TouchWIZ is to Samsung.
If you are one of those that loves to have the HTC sense on their various android devices, here is HTC Sense 7 for your phone.

In this tutorial, I explained how to install stock HTC Sense 7 on your android device and set it as system app so that it may survive factory resets, hard resets and data wipe of that phone.

Installing HTC Sense 7 with BlinkFEED

The procedures for installing the HTC Sense 7 with BlinkFEED on your android device are quite simple and easy to execute.

First, the Requirements:
1- Root Access: your android device must be rooted and you must have any of the root file browsers installed on the phone.

2- This ONLY works on Android 4.4: this hack only works on android 4.4 and above therefore, if your android device is running android OS below the 4.4, you may have to upgrade before proceeding with this hack.

Now, Installing HTC Sense 7 with BlinkFEED

1- Download the HTC Sense 7 with BlinkFEED and the alternative downloads whose links are given below;

2- Move the files to /system/priv-app folder: now, move the files to the /system/priv-app directory.

3- Set RW--R--R Permissions for the files: set the permission for each of the files as seen in the image below.

4- Reboot the Phone: now, all you have to do is to reboot the phone for the applications to take effect.
When the phone is fully rebooted, tap the Home Button, the phone should prompt you to select your preferred luncher. Choose "Sense Home" and then watch how HTC Sense 7 changes your phone's look and feel for good.

NOTE: you should update the HTC BlinkFEED on your own by selecting your choice of content to be displayed on the home page.