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MTN BBCDAY And BBC Subs Tweak for PC Now Working Fast with 10GB Cap.

This article is published to complement the MTN BBLITED subscription which does not work unlimitedly with some MTN SIMs. In this article, I explained how to use the MTN BBCDAY or BBC monthly plan on your PC.

Using this plan, you can use up to 10GB of MTN data within the MTN BIS subscription period and this tweak involves the use of SimpleServer on your PC.

How to Use the MTN BIS, the BBCDAY or BBC Sub on your PC

In this article, I will try to explain it as simple as possible such that a 10 year old kid can understand and apply the this tweak.

1- SimpleSer.exe file: you can download SimpleServer.exe for your PC from here.

2- Your Modem: you can use any modem for as long as such modem accepts MTN SIM.

3- Your Time And Attention: be attentive and follow the instructions below strictly.

Configuring your PC to Work with the MTN BBCDAY or BBC Sub

I no longer have to tell you that the MTN BBC subscription are plans tailored only to work on BlackBerry devices but with this tweak, you can configure it to work with your PC at super-fast speed.

1- Open SimpleServer As Admin:
Open and extract the SimpleSer.rar file you downloaded above. Then, open the folder wherein you extracted it and Open the SimpleServer application as ADMIN by Right-Clicking on it.

2- Connect your Modem to the PC And Configure it:
Connect your modem to the PC and wait few seconds for the PC to detect the modem.
When it is detected, create a new profile on your modem and configure it with the parameters given below;
Profile Name: Anything e.g your Name
Password: empty (nothing should be in the password field)
Leave the Dial Number as it is.
And save the settings.

3- Lunch your Browsers And Configure it for the BIS Tweak:
In this case, firefox is your best options. Open Firefox and configure its Proxy as given below;
Port: 8080
And save it.

4- Connect your Modem And Start Browsing:
You can connect your modem to the internet and start browsing. You can browse any site and download any files for as long your proxy and port are configured as above.

SimpleServer must remain Open while you browse the internet and should always remain open whenever you connect to the internet.
Remember to always open SimpleServer before you connect your modem to the internet if you are using this MTN BIS tweak.

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