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MTN BIS, BBCDAY Unlimited Settings for Android: 10GB for N100

This tutorial shows you how to use MTN BIS on your android devices. This tweak connects all your android device's applications to the internet so, you don't have to worry about any application on your android device not connecting to the internet.

The MTN BIS subscription plan that was actually confirmed using this tweak is the MTN BBCDAY, BBCWEEK and BBC monthly MTN BIS subscription plans.

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Unlike the MTN BBLITED subcription plan, this works with all MTN SIM cards and is unlimited.

Setting Up your Android Device for MTN BBCDAY, BBCWEEK or BBC Subscription

I will attempt to make this tutorial as simple as possible such that you will understand it at first read through.

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1- SimpleServer.apk for Android:
As usual, SimpleServer is required for this tweak to work. You may download SimpleServeer.apk from here.

2- Autoproxy Android Application:
Download Autoproxy from the Google PlayStore. You can also download Autoproxy from the link here. Autoproxy simply helps you stabilize your internet connections and in making sure that your Google apps and other android device applications are connected via the settings set by SimpleServer.

3- Root Access:
Be informed that this tweak works only on rooted android devices. Therefore, if your android device is not rooted, you need to root it first.

Configuring your Android Device for the MTN BIS

Now, you need to setup the apps and configure your android device for the tweak.
To do this, go to your configuration settings and set up a new profile or edit the existing configuration settings using the details below;
Proxy address:
Port: 8080
Save the settings above and set it as your default configuration settings.

Install the MTN SimpleServer Application
Now, you should install the MTN SimpleServer application you have downloaded above on your android device and configure it using the parameters given below;

1- Open SimpleServer And Configure it As Given Below:
i- Proxy host: (Mark Enable Proxy if it does not appear clickable)
ii- Proxy Port: 8080
iii- Injection method: choose GET (Mark Enable Injection Method if it does not appear clickable)
iv- Querry/url:
v- Injection Host:
vi- Injection line: tap the enter button on your keyboard 4 times
vii- Enable Injection: tick/mark Enable Injection
viii- Log level: choose DEBUG

2- Now, click Start Server.

Open Autoproxy And Set it Up
Now, to aid the configurations made in the SimpleServer, you need to setup Autoproxy as well using the parameters given below;

1- Open Autoproxy And Configure it
Once you have opened the Autoproxy, tap on the Add (+) button on the top right hand side to configure the Proxy Host and Proxy Port using the parameters given below;
Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080
Save the settings above and proceed.

Now, you can subscribe to the MTN BIS plan. It could be BBCDAY, BBCWEEK or BBC plan, depending on your choice. Just subscribe to any of them and enjoy browsing the internet as you wish.

You should make sure that SimpleServer and Autoproxy remain opened on your android device to keep the MTN BIS tweak active.

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