MTN BIS On PC And Android Via Hotspot Tether: Blazing Speed

To my surprise this morning, I was able to successfully tether an MTN BIS subscription with my android device and it worked flawlessly at super full speed.

Whereas, the MTN BIS was known NOT to be working when tethered, especially on the earlier BlackBerry models like the BlackBerry 9900; which is the exact model I actually tethered with my android device successfully this morning.

How I Used Hotspot with MTN BIS On BlackBerry 9900, Bold 5

The trick is simple and straight forward. In fact, it requires no tweak or configuration whatsoever. Just follow the instructions given hereunder;

1- Get an MTN BIS subscribed SIM: this could be any MTN line either new or old, just subscribe on it using the usual MTN subscription method thus; by sending BBC to 21600 in an SMS.
NOTE: this subscription method is only for BlackBerry smart phones other than the BlackBerry 10 series therefore; it may not work on BlackBerry 10 series. I have not confirmed it yet anyway.

2- Insert the SIM On BlackBerry Smart Phone: insert the SIM in any BlackBerry smart phone that has hotspot. Curve 4, Curve 7, Bold 5, Torch 2 or any other BlackBerry smart phone that has hotspot.

3- Enable Mobile Hotspot on the Phone: while putting on the hotspot on the phone, it will prompt you to enter APN and Password.
DO NOT enter any parameters there, rather clear the default APN and Password that is displayed on the phone then; click OK.

4- Enter your Hotspot Password: password is required to encrypt your hotspot connection. Enter at least, 8 characters you can easily remember on the empty space and click OK.

5- Search And Connect the Hotspot on Other Phones: you can now turn on your android device WiFi, search for the BlackBerry hotspot and connect. When it prompts you to enter password, enter the 8-characters or whichever password you used and it will connect straight away.

How to Use the MTN BIS On PC Via Hotspot

Following the similar procedures as explained above, you may connect your PC to the BlackBerry hotspot connection as well and at no extra costs at all.
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I have NOT confirmed this on BlackBerry 10 series. Using it on BlackBerry 10 series is at your own risk.
Have any questions? Use the comment section below.