Valid IMEI for Airtel FREE 2GB, 4GB, 5GB of Data

Here is another Airtel cheats that gives 2GB, 4GB or 5GB depending on your luck and persistence. This tweak involves changing of IMEI and you may accumulate the data as much as you want.

By this, I mean you can receive as many data as you want on a particular line for as long as you keep changing the IMEI.

This Airtel cheat exist as a result of the free data that Airtel awards their Huawei B683 router users and the smart guys like you and me utilises the IMEI to make clones of the device.

How to Get FREE Airtel 2GB, 4GB, 5GB Data

Like I have said earlier that this method involves tweaking of IMEI therefore; to get the free Airtel 2GB, 4GB or 5GB data, you will have to tweak your android phone's IMEI with the IMEI given below:
The IMEI given above is a complete IMEI for one of the devices, it is most likely that someone else have used it. I derived some IMEIs from the one above to confirm that the tweak is still working.

Meanwhile, you will have to change any of the last 5-Figures from the IMEI above to generate your own valid IMEI.
Replace it with 356346041149607
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Now, Getting the FREE Airtel 2GB, 4GB or 5GB Data

If you have successfully tweaked/changed the IMEI of your android device, simply send 3G in an SMS to 141.


Don't forget to share your testimony using the comment box below. Also, share the IMEI that worked for you to help others.