Apple Releases iOS 9, Codenamed Monarch

If you are probably expecting an update for your iPhones, here it is. The iOS 9 has been around for a couple of weeks now. The iOS 9 which is codenamed Monarch, is Apple's next generation of mobile operating system.

The Apple's Monarch, iOS 9 was announced at WWDC 2015 at Moscone Center in San Francisco on June 8, 2015.

The noticeable updates in the Monarch, iOS 9 includes the following;
1- A more inteligent Spotlight
2- More proactive Siri
3- A new News app
4- updated Notes app, transit direction map and renamed Wallet app with store and loyalty cards, tether-less CarPlay, Slide-over and split-screen modes for iPad.

Hmm! Enough said. Willing to update your iPhone to iOS 9, Monarch? Download the firmware today and update your iPhone.

NOTE: The iOS 9 is still in beta therefore; it might still contain some glitches.