How I Use MTN Unlimited BIS On My PC

For about two (2) months now, I have been using the MTN BIS on both my PC and android devices simultaneously. It's really simple and the process does not even require any tweaks nor cheats. Just a straight configuration.

Below here, I shall explain the step by step guide on how I did it.


1- I subscribed to MTN BIS by sending BBC to 21600.

2- I fire up the mobile hotspot on my Blackberry device. And when it asked for username and password, I leave the spaces empty.
See the image below.

3- I turned on my PC wireless, WiFi and located my BlackBerry hotspot from the list.

4- I entered the password of my BlackBerry hotspot on my PC when it asked for it and click connect.

5- Pronto! Welcome to the internet world! The PC connected and I started browsing the internet. Surfing, browsing, downloading and streaming anytime of the day.

NOTE: I use BlackBerry 9900, Bold 5 for this connection which means this might not work for BlackBerry 10 series. But certainly, it will work on all other pre-BlackBerry 10 era of BlackBerry phones like the Curve 4, Curve 7, Torch 2, Turch 3 and the rest in as much as it has hotspot.

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