HTC One VX: Custom CWM Recovery Flashing And Root Guides

Up till today, there is no official build of CWM recovery which is also known as ClockWorkMOD recovery for the HTC One VX which also goes by the code name; TocemC2. Although, there are official builds of TWRP recovery for the phone, HTC One VX but most of the available official TWRP recovery for the phone are broken.

Either that the recovery force restarts while backing up, fails to flash a ROM or failed partitioning SD card; there is just always one issue or another with the official TWRP recovery for the HTC One VX.

However, there is a perfectly working CWM recovery for the HTC One VX which I am sharing with you here. It is unofficial but works perfectly for the phone.

You may download the CWM recovery for the HTC One VX here.

Flashing the CWM Recovery On HTC One VX
To flash the CWM recovery on the HTC One VX, you have two (2) options;
1- Root the phone and flash the recovery via RashR
2- Flash the recovery via fastboot using CMD (Windows PC) or Terminal (Linux and OSX).

RashR is a utility application for android devices. The application is being used to flashing recovery files and kernels on android devices. Besides its fundamental functionalities, it could also be used to backing up the android devices recovery partitions and kernels.

Here, I would discuss a brief step by step guides for flashing recovery on HTC One VX using RashR.

1- Download and install RashR on the phone from the play store here.
NOTE: RashR requires root access to work on the HTC One VX therefore; the phone has to be rooted before you can successfully use this method for it.
Here is a simple guide on how to root the HTC One VX.

2- Download the CWM recovery for the HTC One VX from the link above and put it on the root of your SD card or in any folder easily accessible on the phone.

3- Lunch/Open RashR application from the phone. On lunch, grant RashR root access and wait few seconds for it to identify the phone and compile/configure its files.

4- Tap "Recovery from Storage" and navigate to the folder where you have saved or downloaded the CWM recovery I asked you to download from the link above and select it.

RashR will prompt if you wish to flash the selected recovery.img file, click "Yes, please" and wait few seconds until the operation is complete.
NOTE: ordinarily, RashR displays options for both CWM, TWRP and Philz recovery files. But because other recovery files are not available for the HTC One VX, RashR does not display other options except TWRP.

5- Finally, reboot to recovery to see your newly flashed custom recovery in action. You may ask RashR to reboot the phone in recovery mode or manually reboot it to recovery using the key combo i.e power off the phone then, press and hold the power + volume down buttons.

This is the alternative option you may use to flash the custom CWM recovery on your HTC One VX. This method is simpler but requires that your HTC One VX is HTCDev unlocked. -this means that your HTC One VX bootloader should be unlocked.

The images below show a locked bootloader and unlocked bootloader of HTC phones.

How to Unlock HTC Phones Bootloader from HTCDev?

1- Download And Install HTC Drivers on your PC. You can download HTC Driver from here. This is required to enable your phone communicate and interact with the PC.

2- Setup ADB Tools on your PC. Don't know how? Here is how to setup ADB Tools on your PC;

i- Download ADB Tools from here. The file is compressed in zip file. Unzip it on your desktop and then; move it to the root of your disk and rename it as "ADB". And that's all. Refer to the image below.

3- Visit at, you will be required to signup in order to unlock the bootloader. Signup there or login if you already have an account with

4- Click Unlock Bootloader then, Get Started: from here, HTCDev will continue to putting you through the step by step guides. See the image below;


1- Move the CWM Recovery to ADB Folder on your PC.

2- Lunch Command prompt on your Windows PC. How? Click the Start Button and type CMD. Windows will bring up command prompt. Simply click on it. (For Windows 7, Vist & XP). Windows 8 users should just search for CMD from the Search Widget.

3- On Command Prompt, type cd c:/adb -this will point you to the ADB Folder directly.

4- Boot your HTC One VX to bootloader mode. How? Power off the phone then, press and hold both the Power + Volume Down(-) buttons together until the phone boots to bootloader. Then, tap the power button once.
NOTE: DO NOT forget to Disable Fastboot Mode on the HTC One VX. To disable Fastboot Mode, go to Settings >> Power >> Fastboot and mark it off.

5- Connect the phone to the PC: once the phone is connected using the compatible USB cable, the PC should detect it and install the necessary drivers.
NOTE: you should have installed HTC Driver on the PC prior to this. You may download HTC Driver from here.

6- Move cwmrecovery to the s ame folder as the ADB Tools thus; move the cwmrecovery into the ADB folder -this should be done to simplify the flashing process.

7- On Command Prompt type fastboot flash recovery cwmrecovery.img and hit the enter button. Wait few seconds while the flashing process is being done.

By now, the CWM recovery should have been flashed on your HTC One VX and ready for use.