Samsung Plans to Lunch the Galaxy Note 5 Earlier than Usual

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is believed to be lunched earlier than usual. This is probably done to beat the lunch of the Apple iPhone 6S.
If such is the case, it may have been intended to win certain points to the Samsung sides.

As gathered, The Wall Street Journal believes that the Korean company will announce its phablet gigantophone in August and get it into stores ahead of the iPhone 6S.

This is unlikely of Samsung since Samsung normally refreshes the Galaxy Note series at IFA in the first week of September. As noted earlier, this change may have been triggered by the last year's occurrence when the iPhone 6 arrived around the same time Samsung normally refreshes the Note line and, presumably, sparked enough light so noticeable that it prompt this change.

This move would probably give Samsung something to talk about seeing its smartphone sales slip between April and June.