Splinter Cell HD Game for Android: Download Link

Just like Need for Speed, Splinter Cell is one of the most populous and interesting shooter android games made by the GameLoft.

You play as Sam Fischer, who found treachery of the third echelon, his agencies, at investigation of murder of his daughter. And now your purpose is the revenge for the death of the daughter and disorder of the plot with terrorist purposes which threatens million people.

You are waited for by a rich arsenal of weapon and regimental, unique equipment of skill. You should act, killing all who will be in your way.

Now, since you are not simply a soldier, but a professional murderer, you are expected to use any opportunity to kill the enemy silently. So, for example, if actions happen in poorly shined place, creep to the enemy behind and liquidate him with one blow and not to be found ahead of time, hide behind boxes, barrels and other available shelters. If the opponent managed to approach too close, liquidate him by one well-aimed shot or break his neck. 

During the game you will make various tricks, among which climbing on a rope and overcoming various obstacles. The game possesses is excellent with three-dimensional graphics and a quite good soundtrack.


Splinter Cell APK Download: Download Splinter here

NOTE: Splinter Cell requires an additional cache download but because the games requires different cache file for different phones, I cannot upload any file here. You may need connecting to a WiFi to download the cache file for the Splinter Cell game to work on your android device.