Alcatel Idol 3 Review: 5 Reasons Why you Might Aim the Alcatel Idol 3 Onetouch

If you are looking for an unlocked new smartphone with premium look, feel and build that won't break your bank; the Alcatel Idol 3 is one of the phones you should consider.

Smart phones of international standard and class can now be bought, received and found anywhere around the world even at lower cost price compare to local stores price tags -all these, thanks to thriving online stores like the Amazon, Konga and the likes.

2015 is being great in the mobile telephony as we have seen the greatest smart phones ever in the year. In fact, the year 2015 is even more promising as more greater phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the iPhone 6s and the likes are still on the way to the market in the same year.

But when making a decision as to which phone to go for considering the features and your pocket, the Alcatel Idol 3 should be considered.
The phone is loaded with some of the latest features and techs employable in mobile phones.

You can see for yourself some of the reasons why I heartily recommend The Alcatel Idol 3.


Although, it might not be the best screen you'll find on an Android phone of its class, it's the best screen you'll ever see on an android phone of its price range.

It's a crisp 5.5-inch LCD at 1080p (that's 401 pixels per inch), has great viewing angles and excellent color. It looks great indoors or out, and the display won't disappoint you either.

A screen of this quality is rarely found on an android phone of this price range.


Considering the software and functionalities, the Alcatel Idol 3 won't disappoint you either. The phone may have not been stocked with a thousand apps but you won't find a junk in the phone's stock apps as the stock apps are well done and deliver as expected.

Best part of it, the Alcatel Idol 3 comes with android 5.1 Lollipop and Alcatel is known to be quick at pushing updates to their versions of Lollipop phones. This is important to a lot of Lollipop android phone users.

Looking for a phone that doesn't give you cluttered feel, and delivers as promised if not more? You've found it in the Alcatel Idol 3.


 Although, the Alcatel Idol 3 is made of plastic and that which is evident on the phone, the design and construction make it great to hold.

The edges are sloped and beveled, so that you don't feel any hard angles when the Idol 3 is in your hand.
The design is extended to the camera as it is flushed with the back; the power and volume controls extend just enough to make them easy to find, too and that without snagging on things as it enters and leaves your pocket.


If great sounds are all you enjoy most on phones, the Alcatel Idol 3 has got you covered.
Alcatel teamed up with JBL to provide a Premium sound experience for the Idol 3.

The audio from the dual front-facing speakers is crisp, sounds loud enough, and really does produce quality sounds. From podcasts to shredding guitars to thumping bass, the Idol 3 sounds great when you don't want to use a pair of headphones.


And the best part of? It is budget friendly. The Idol 3 is unlocked, and sells for $249 US direct from Amazon at the time of this writing.

This means you can spend less than half the price of some other models, use it anywhere and have no nagging payments or leasing schemes.

Have few more things to know about the Alcatel Idol 3? Let me know in your comments below.