Change All iTEL Android IMEI without Any Software or Root Access

Recently, I published a tutorial on how to changing iTel android IMEI using SPD on your Windows PC, however, due to iTel ADB drivers issue, most people find it difficult to changing their iTel android IMEI using that method.

Here, I will reveal a very simple method you can use to change any iTEL android IMEI. Using this method, you do not need to install any software on your iTel android device and you do not need your PC. Just the phone. You don't even have to root the phone to be able to change the IMEI.

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DISCLAIMER: Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries and this publication is ONLY for tutorials purposes therefore; you are solely responsible for your actions.

Guides for Changing iTEL Android IMEI

1- Dial *#*#83781#*#* on your iTel android device: once you dial the code as if you want to check your account balance, a screen title "Engineer ModE" would pop up automatically.

2- Scroll Down to "Set IMEI": select the "Set IMEI" option. Once selected, the phone should display your IMEI(s). Replace all or any of the IMEI being displayed with the one(s) you want and then, tap "Set IMEI".

3- Click OK and Reboot the Phone: once the phone is rebooted, your iTEL android device IMEI should now be changed.
To confirm that the IMEI has been successfully changed, simply dial *#06#.

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