Change All MTK Android IMEI: Wiko, Archos, Gowin, Infinix, Gioni, Tecno | Simplified Method

Although, changing of virtually all androids IMEI has become handy and simple, some MTK android devices yet prove difficult to change their IMEI.

In this tutorial, we discuss how to changing MTK Android IMEI using MTK Droid Tools on your PC. The MTK android devices include Tecno, Opsson, Huawei, Infinix, Wiko, Lenovo, Archos, Gowin, LG android (Not all) among others. The list is just as long as I can remember.

Using this tutorial, you can successfully change all MTK android IMEI in as much as you follow the right procedures as explained here.

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1- Your PC: since Windows PC program is required to change the IMEI using this method, your PC is definitely required.

2- MTK Androids USB Drivers: you need to have Android USB Drivers for the MTK Androids installed on your PC. You may download and install PDanet+ from here, it works as universal USB driver for most MTK androids.

3- MTK Droid Tools: MTK Droid Tools is a Windows PC program. As could be guessed from the name, the MTK Droid Tools is made specifically for MTK androids though, it has limited features for other android devices, too.
You can download MTK Droid Tools from here.

4- Finally, Root Access: to successfully use this method to change the IMEI of your MTK android device, such MTK android must have been rooted before you attempt changing the IMEI using this method.
NOTE: busybox should be installed on the device. You may download the recommended Busybox App from here.

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Step By Step Guide for Changing IMEI with MTK Droid Tools

1- Install MTK Droid Tools: install the MTK Droid Tools you downloaded from the link above on your PC.

2- Install MTK Android USB Drivers: install PDanet+, you downloaded from the link above or download and install any MTK Android USB drivers known to you on the PC.

3- Lunch MTK Droid Tools: now, lunch MTK Droid Tools on your PC then, connect the phone to the PC using its compatible USB Cable.
NOTE: you should enable USB Debugging on the android device before it is connected to the PC.
Then, wait few seconds until MTK Droid Tools displays all the details about the connected android device.

4- Select IMEI/NVRAM Option: from the MTK Droid Tools UI, select IMEI/NVRAM option . Once clicked, you will see a pop up that looks like the image below; input your desired IMEI in the empty spaces and click Replace IMEI.

Confirm to replace the IMEI and reboot your phone.
NOTE: if you do not wish to change both IMEI (if it's dual SIM, simply leave the other untouched)
To confirm that the IMEI has been written, dial *#06# on your phone.

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