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CM 12.1, Android 5.1.1 for HTC One XL: Reviews and Installation

For nearly two (2) months now, CM 12.1 for the HTC One XL nightly(ies) have being released and few of us here at ArykTECH have grabbed it and flashed on various HTC One XLs. Although, CM 11 for the HTC one XL was great, CM 12.1 has proven that there is more to enjoy from the phone, HTC One XL.

From the display to the glossy feel, battery life to the signal strength; the CM 12.1 for the HTC One XL is truly a nice update and upgrade at a time.
Based on my experience of the CM 12.1, android 5.1.1 on the HTC One XL, I highlight here, few of the noticeable outstanding improvements on the HTC One XL.

No doubt, this is probably the first improvement anyone who have used the CM 12.1 on HTC One XL might discuss. This is because it is undoubtedly the first notable improvement in the CM-12.1 for the phone. The Graphical User Interface, GUI is more glossy, smoother and even faster compare to the previous CM 11 for the same phone.

I have noticed significant improvements in the HTC One XL battery live span, even with data and every apps running; it serves better than before. Though, it takes longer time to be fully charged, it lasts much longer than usual.

Talking of the signal strength, I must say that I have a +(plus) in this as well. The H and H+ becomes more stable and WiFi/Hotspot range is noticeably better.
This might be one of the reasons why the battery span is improved, it does not hit up except when there is generally poor signal; I must note. Other than that, in fact, it gets more cool than I ever remember.

The HTC One XL is powered with Dual-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 & Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 CPU, though, this CPU is of a low end compare to other phones running android 5.1.1; the CM 12.1 is still able to run faster and smoother on the phone.

Although, it is not conclusive that the improvement in the camera and video output is from the camera or not, but it is noted that the video quality improved following the upgrade and the pictures taking after the upgrade are of better quality compare to the previous ones.

CM 12.1, android 5.1.1 for the HTC One XL, just like the same ROM for Samsung Galaxy S4, i9500 comes with AudoFX, an application for sound management.
This among other things help the HTC One XL produce a better sound quality.

The overall experience of the CM 12.1 on the HTC One XL has being great and loving. No lagging, no bugs and no irritation has being experienced so far. If you have an HTC One XL and would like to upgrade it to the CM 12.1 which is android 5.1.1, in my opinion; you now have a GO!

You may download CM 12.1, Android 5.1.1 for your HTC One XL here and here is How to Upgrade your HTC One XL to Android 5.1.1.

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