How to Boot Bricked MTK Android Devices to Recovery: Infinix, Tecno, Huawei, Gionee, Gowin, Wiko etc

If you have a bricked MTK android device that does not boot to recovery nor bootloader at hand, here is a simple step by step guide that will help you boot the phone into recovery mode.

1- MTK Androids: MTK android devices are most android devices generally regarded as China androids. Technically speaking, they are those android devices powered by MTK which is also known as MediaTEK CPU and chip set.
MTK android devices include;
Tecno androids
Infinix androids
Wiko androids
Gowin androids
Gionee androids
Opsson androids
Most Huawei androids
Some LG androids
Lenovo androids and the likes of them.

2- Bricked Androids: when an android device is bricked, it is an android device that cannot boot to android mode. Though, it will be turned on but it will NOT boot beyond the first logo.
Some bricked android devices display just blank white or indigo blue.

1- MTK android device inability to boot to recovery mode.
2- Windows PC not installing drivers for MTK androids.
3- Inability to flash bricked MTK androids.

1- It is explained here how to make Windows PC install drivers for bricked MTK androids.

2- The solution presented here shows you how to boot bricked MTK android device into recovery mode.

 In most cases, Windows PC ceases to seeing or installing drivers for MTK android devices when it gets bricked by any means. Below here, I explain how to troubleshoot the error and make Windows PC see the phone though it does not boot to android.

i- Uninstall and Re-install its Drivers: in cases like this, I prefer to use PDanet+. You may download PDanet+ from here and install it on your PC.
If you already have PDanet+ installed on your PC, uninstall it then, re-install it again. Follow the on-screen instructions from PDanet+ while installing it.

ii- Connect the Bricked MTK Android Phone: now you may connect the bricked MTK android device to the PC. This time, PDanet+ should pop out and the drivers installations should begin. Wait patiently until the installation is completed.
If the installation is successful, some ADB commands should now be functional on your android device even though it does not boot on therefore; some other programs other than the command prompt can now see the phone.


Most bricked MTK android devices fail to boot to recovery however, with the help of this trick and hack, you would be able to boot the phone to recovery. Just follow the guides below;

i- Download and Setup MTK Droid Tools On your PC: MTK Droid Tools is a utility tool for MTK android devices. See the tutorial here on how to setup MTK Droid Tools on your PC.

ii- Lunch MTK Droid Tools On your PC: you may now lunch MTK Droid Tools on your PC by either double-clicking the MTK Droid Tools App from its folder or by double-clicking the MTK Droid Tools icon from your desktop if you have sent it there.

iii- Click Reboot On MTK Droid Tools: once lunched, MTK Droid Tools should detect your phone and an image as seen below should be displayed, simply click Reboot. See the image below.

iv- Choose Boot to Recovery: MTK Droid Tools should ask which boot option you want, simply choose boot to recovery.

Your phone should now boot to recovery. If you have custom ClockWorkMOD recovery flashed on your phone, the phone should now boot to CWM recovery and you may now flash CWM backup on the phone, if you have its backup.

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  1. i have a tecno l6 i flashed cm13 with twrp now my phone is not booting to recovery it just shows a menu with fastboot and recovery and normal boot but i cant select either one of them and mtk tools cant recognize it can you please help me
    thank you

    1. MTK Droid Tools does not recognised your Tecno L6 because C13 does have USB Debugging enabled by default.
      In this case, you need to flash stock ROM back on to that phone using SP Flash. See here: How to Flash Tecno Android Phone with SP Flash

  2. Hi, sorry to bother you. I think you understand a lot of MTK devices and maybe you can answer a question. I need to start a MT6589 (from the power off state) when I connect the charger. I have seen several solutions by modifying the file /system/bin/ipod, but have not worked for me. You know any solution? Thanks for your time !!!!! akatarmo....

  3. Please I have tried this method but does not seem to work for my Infinix Zero 2. In fact the details of my phone refused to show in the MTK Droid Root App. What should I do? Thanks.

    1. Try to Download and install the Abd insecure 2.0 apk from te market. I had the same problem and solved it with this apk.

  4. Sorry, the exact name of the app is

    [Root] ADBD Insecure

  5. hi,my phone info isn't showing a thing.on the side where it says connect to the phone,displays only error and unknown ROM structure + recovery does not suit this using a tecno p5s,what should i do next?

    1. Hello, your question is not well understood. Can you tell me exactly you wish to do on the phone or the issues with it? I will be glad to know so I can help you better.

  6. HI I have tried modifying the internal sorgae space and doing so i got problem with booting up my ZEN ultraphone HD device. It is stuck at Company logo. I tried to flash with new stock ROM and when tried to create scatter file using droid tools the device is not identified and giving message as "Unknown ROM structure, backup not possible" and same as recovery too. I have made a backup of my device data in my SD card earlier. However while rebooting with recovery mode and trying wipedata/factory reset the device is saying Mount/data error. I hope i spoiled the internal memory ROM and is there a way to get back my device into work..........I appreciate your support.

    1. MTK Droid Tools cannot work with your device because it is an MTK Android device. MTK Android devices are the android devices powered by MediaTEK Chip set. And I think your device is an ASUS android device powered by Intel Chipset. Meanwhile, to flash your phone and bring it back in order, you should see here: How to Flash Asus Android Devices or How to Flash Intel Powered Android Device Using Intel Platform Flash Tool