How to Change HTC Android Device IMEI without PC: Complete How-to

For some years, the need to changing Android devices IMEI is becoming necessary in Nigeria. I believe you already know the reason why Android devices IMEI is being changed if you are reading this article.
So far, we have discussed so many methods that can be used to changing different Android devices' IMEI. Some methods are straight forward and simple while some are not.

In this tutorial, I discuss a simpler method of changing all HTC androids IMEI. With this tutorial, you no longer need to use the Fastboot command line to write IMEI on HTC androids.

NOTE: with this method, most HTC Android devices whose IMEI seemed not changeable can be changed.
I have successfully changed and written HTC One V, One X and HTC One M8 IMEI using this method.
Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries and this publication is ONLY for tutorials purposes therefore; you are solely responsible for your actions.

Requirements for Changing your HTC Android IMEI

1. ROOT Access: your HTC Android device must be rooted to successfully change the IMEI using the guides explained here.

2. Xposed installer: you need to have Xposed Installer installed on your HTC android device. You may download Xposed Installer here.

3. IMEI Changer: you may download the IMEI changer from Play Store here.
The IMEI Changer linked above is the specific IMEI Changer needed for this method to work because it is an Xposed module.

Guides for Changing your HTC Android IMEI

1. Install Xposed installer and launch it.

2. Click on Framework, then click on install/update.

3. When it is successfully updated, reboot your device.

4. Install IMEI changer.

5- Open xposed Installer and click on modules. From the list, select and tick IMEI changer then, click on the IMEI Changer from within the Xposed Installer to lunch IMEI changer.

7. Generate your blackberry IMEI and input it in the space provided and click Apply.

8. Reboot your device and dial *#06# to confirm that your IMEI was successfully changed.

Please be informed that Xposed Installer bricks some android devices. I advised you not to proceed with this guide if you DO NOT have custom recovery flashed on your Samsung android device. Learn how to flash custom recovery on Samsung android devices here.

Good luck.
If you have any questions, use the comment box below. Also, don't forget to comment if this method works for you.