How to Flash LG Android Devices

Flashing LG Android devices is a simple and straight forward process since their flash files are readily available unlike the MTK androids whose flash files need be copied from another phone of the same kind before such could be flashed. Though, MTK LG android devices could also be flashed using SP FLASH Tool, it is advisable that you flash all LG android devices using the guides given here.

In this tutorial, I discuss how to flash LG android devices using LG Flash Tool. In most cases, flashing is done to correct certain malfunctions or when an android device is bricked.

1- LG Flash Tool: this is the official Windows program designed for downgrading, upgrading and flashing LG android devices.

2- MTK Androids: MTK android devices are most android devices generally regarded as China androids. Technically speaking, they are those android devices powered by MTK also knows as MediaTEK CPU and chip set.

3- Bricked Androids: when an android device is bricked, it is an android device that cannot boot to android mode. Though, it will be turned on, it will NOT boot beyond the first logo. Some bricked android devices display just blank white or indigo blue.

4- Flashing: this is the term used for reverting most phones back to factory defaults by means of loading its firmware on it by any means possible.

1- How to Flash LG Androids Devices Using LG Flash Tool.

First, the requirements;

1- LG Firmware: this is the stock firmware for the particular LG phone you wish to flash. Usually, stock firmware are parked in KDZ or .kdz file format.
You need to download the specific firmware for the particular LG android device you wish to flash otherwise, you will do more harm to the phone than good.
You may download LG Firmwares from link here.

2- LG Android Drivers: you may download and set up the LG android drivers from the link here.

3- Compatible USB Cable for the phone.
4- Your PC
5- LG Flash Tool: You may download LG Flash Tool from here.
NOTE:If the LG Flash Tool fails to run on your PC, download install Visual C++ library on your PC. You can download Visual C++ library from here.
Now, you may proceed to the main flashing operation.

1- Download and Extract LG Flash TOOL: if you have not downloaded the LG Flash Tool, download it from the link above and extract it on a folder on your desktop.

2- Copy LG Firmware into the LG Flash Tool Folder: if you have downloaded the firmware for the LG phone you wish to flash, now, copy the firmware on to the LG Flash Tool folder. Thus, the LG Flash Tool.exe should be in the same folder as the firmware.

3- Boot the phone to Download Mode: download mode for LG android is the same as ODIN mode for Samsung and HBoot/Bootloader mode for HTC androids.
To boot your LG Android to Download Mode, Google is your best friend here however; for most LG androids, pressing and holding Power + Volume Up buttons for 15 seconds boots the phone to Download Mode.

4- Run LG Flash Tool As Admin: now, right-click on the LG Flash Tool.exe and run it as Administrator on your PC.

5- Prepare LG Flash Tool for Flashing: select all the appropriate field as in the image below to begin the flashing operation.
i- When you select the KDZ File (Firmware), the phone version will automatically be loaded.
ii- Select CSE FLASH instead of the Normal Flash. Detailed note is given below.

6- Click START: you can now click "Start" to initiate the flashing operation. Before the flashing operation commences, a pop up asking you to select Language and a few other details would be displayed, simply select your choice. See the image below.

7- Click "OK": once clicked, all you have to do now is to wait until the process is %100 complete.

i- Choose CS Flashing when you wish to completely flash the phone. All data would be erased. This option is good and recommended when upgrading or downgrading the phone.

ii- Choose Normal Flashing when you do not want to lose any file on the phone. I do not recommend this method though, it most likely end up in bootloop.



  1. when I want to install a rom that is not the lg will be able to install it ?

  2. About right my lg mobile phone device is connected to PC is ejected because the phone boot certification verified secure error logo with lg on bottom so how do we do

  3. About my mobile phone Lg flex D958 and Lg g3 model D855 the problem on connect usb to PC/laptop is usb ejected device always check my PC/laptop so how can do

    1. I can't comprehend your English. You may type/explain in your native language. I will use Google Translate for it and get back to you. That's best way we might settle this language barrier.

  4. ok so it keeps saying the my device isnt connected, it is indeed connected and in download mode, also am using stock kit kat rom to flash to, clarification please?

    1. This method cannot be used to flash any LG Android device whose firmware/stock ROM is larger than 600mb in size? In other words, you have to use the official LG Tool or QST/QFIL (if your LG Android is Qualcomm-powered)

  5. Could you be so kind as to tell where and how we could find the reprogram.xml file and the proper firehose mbn file for the LG H631? I have desperately searched for almost a year...and either over looked it or something...I can't find a single file needed to resurrect my hard bricked LG Stylo...

  6. LG Flash Tool download link doesn't work.