How to Install Windows 10 Update On your PC

If you are one of those that have being waiting for the Windows 10, what you have being expecting for some months now is live. Windows 10 is now live. If you are eligible for a free upgrade, you probably have gotten the notification for the download.

In this tutorial, I shall put you through the step by step guide on how to upgrade your current Windows OS to the latest Windows 10 via the Windows Update.
So, let's proceed. Shall we?


Step 1- Run Windows Update: this is done to check if your reserved Windows 10 update is ready for install.
Microsoft Windows 10 roll-out is done on phase by phase basis and for this reason, not everyone will receive the update at a time even if you are eligible.
Meanwhile, if your Windows Update is showing you ‘We’ll let you know when the upgrade is ready to be installed on this PC.’, do not worry, you will still get it or perhaps; you may see the guide here: How to Create Bootable Windows 10 USB Disk and then, use it to perform a Clean Installation of Windows 10 here.

Step 2: Install the Downloaded Windows 10 Upgrade: if the Windows 10 Update is ready for your PC, you may proceed with the installation otherwise, Windows Update will attempt  downloading the update and when Windows Update is finished downloading the updates, you will get the prompt as seen in the image below.
Prior to this update,you must have had all previous updates for Windows installed on your PC. If you have Windows Update set to "On",it is likely that you already have all the updates installed otherwise; Windows might download the updates including the previous updates- and that's a lot of files to download.

Either click on Restart now on Windows Update screen. Or, Start the upgrade now on the screen.

Step 3: Your PC should now reboot and the Windows 10 installation should automatically begin.

The installation is divided into three phases: Copying files, Installing features and drivers, then, Configuring settings.
i- You don’t need to do anything while the Windows 10 upgrade is in progress. Just wait patiently until it completes.
ii- During the installation process, your computer may restart a couple of times. Don't worry. It is normal.
iii- The duration of the process can take between 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the size of your data and speed of your computer.

Step 4: Once the installation is complete, the PC will boot into the screen.

Step 5: Now simply follow the on-screen instructions to get to the login screen.
Good luck!