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How to Make/Extract MTK Android Flash Files Using MTK Droid Tools

For most MTK android devices, flash files are required to correct most software errors especially; those software problems that involve repairing corrupt system files.
Meanwhile, MTK android devices flash files are not readily available therefore; to flash a particular MTK android device, you most likely need to extract complete ROM including system files of another working kind of the same MTK android phone.

1- MTK Androids: MTK android devices are most android devices generally regarded as China androids. Technically speaking, they are those android devices powered by MTK also knows as MediaTEK CPU and chipset.

MTK android devices include;
Tecno androids
Infinix androids
Wiko androids
Gowin androids
Gionee androids
Opsson androids
Most Huawei androids
Some LG androids
Lenovo androids and the likes of them.

2- Flash Files: flash files, usually compressed in .zip format, contain all the files necessary to completely run android on a particular android device.
Flash files are phone specific therefore; only the specific flash file for a particular phone is required to flash the phone.

3- Flashing: this is the term used for reverting most phones back to its factory defaults by means of loading its firmware on it by any means possible.

i- How to Extract, Make MTK Android Flash File Using MTK Droid Tools

First, the requirements;

i- Your PC
ii- MTK Droid Tools: MTK Droid Tools is a popular Windows PC program designed for servicing MTK android devices. You may download MTK Droid Tools here.

iii- MTK Android Drivers: MTK android drivers must be installed on your PC. You can download MTK android drivers here. Extract the file and install the files contained therein.

iv- USB Cable for your phone.

Before you can be able to extract flash files from any MTK android device using MTK Droid Tools, the following conditions must be met;

1- the MTK Android Device from which you are to extract the flash files must have clockworkmod recovery flashed on it.
What is ClockWorkMOD Recovery?Recovery is the partition of an android device where maintenance operation of android device are being done/carried out meanwhile, ClockWorkMOD recovery is one of the commonest custom recoveries available for android devices.
Custom recovery simply supports more advanced modifications compare to the stock
recovery. Learn more about Custom and Stock recovery here.
Learn how to flash Custom ClockWorkMOD on your MTK android devices here.

2- the phone must be rooted and have Busybox installed.


1- Lunch MTK Droid Tools: if you have installed MTK Droid Tools on your PC, lunch it otherwise, download and install it on your PC here. Simple instruction on how to configure MTK Droid Tools on your PC here.

2- Install the MTK Android Drivers: if not installed yet; download and install the MTK android drivers on your PC here. The link points to PDanet+.
PDanet+ is a universal android driver that works with most android devices.

3- Connect your Phone to the PC: now, with a compatible USB Cable, you should connect your phone to the PC.
NOTE: USB Debugging should be enabled on your phone. USB Debugging is usually under Developer Options in android devices from 4.0 and above.

BIT TIP: if "Developer Options" is not visible on your android, go to Settings >> About Phone >> Build Number and tap it up to 7-times continuously until the message "you are now a developer" pops out. You can now go back to see "Developer Option" under main settings.

4- Boot the phone to recovery. If custom recovery is already flashed on the phone, you should boot it to recovery otherwise; proceed here to learn how to flash Custom Recovery on your MTK Android device.

5- Let MTK Droid Tools Detect your Phone: if all the drivers are installed and the USB Cable is OK (can sync data between the phone and PC), MTK Droid Tools should now recognize the phone and display all the information as seen below.

6- Start Extraction: if you are already on "Root. Backup. Recovery" navigation tab of the MTK Droid Tools, remain there otherwise; click on "Root.Backup. Recovery" tab of the MTK Droid Tools and then; click "BACKUP".

7- Give little time. from there, MTK Droid Tools will take up the work. You simply have to wait. The operation may last few minutes depending on the speed of your PC.

i- When the operation completes, MTK Droid Tools will ask "Now Packing up..." simply click "NO".

ii- You can locate the extracted flash files for your MTK Android device from this path:
.../MTKDroidTools/Backup/Phone_Model where ".." refers to previous folder(s) wherein you save/setup MTK Droid Tools on your PC.

iii- By this, you have just succeeded extracting the flash files of the MTK Android device but the files are not ready for flashing yet.
Now, prepare the extracted flash files for flashing tools like SP Flash Tools, Mini Tool and others, proceed to the guides below on how to prepare the extracted flash files for flash tools.


1- Lunch MTK Droid Tools: if you have closed MTK Droid Tools, simply lunch it and navigate to the "Root. Backup. Recovery" tab.
NOTE: the phone may not be connected this time.

2- Click "To Prepare Blocks for Flash Tool" as seen in the image below: when clicked, a file browser should pop out, simply navigate to the folder where you saved/extracted the flash file e.g .../MTKDroidTools/Backup/Phone_Model where ".." refers to previous folder(s) wherein you save/setup MTK Droid Tools on your PC.
select as numbered on mtk droid tools

Simply select files.md5 as seen in the image below.

Once selected, MTK Droid Tools will begin processing the flash files. This may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your PC.
When the process is complete, MTK Droid Tools will display "task completed" on the progress line.

i- The flash files are now ready and can be used to flash either that phone or any other phone of the same model and variant.
If the phone you extracted is Tecno L6, you can use the flash files extracted to flash any Tecno L6.

Recommended Tutorial:
How to Flash MTK Android Using SP Flash Tool


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