Samsung Galaxy NOTE 5 ROM Now Available for the Galaxy S6 Users: Download And Install It

You might wonder why you may have to download and install the Samsung Galaxy NOTE 5 ROM on your Galaxy S6 when both phones are pretty much the same? Well, you are not alone in the thought as I, too, wonder why I would have to port my Galaxy S6 to Galaxy NOTE 5 until I am convinced.
No doubt. You and I know that the Samsung Galaxy NOTE 5 is more recent in market than the Galaxy S6 therefore; it is expected of it to feature more functionality and perform more efficiently. Besides, it has being confirmed by Arter97, the developer of the Galaxy NOTE 5 ROM for the Galaxy S6, that the NOTE 5 has better memory management which in turns, have effect on the battery span.


1- Install/Flash Custom Recovery: the first thing to do is to install or flash custom recovery on your Galaxy S6. I recommend either TWRP Recovery or ClockWorkMOD Recovery which can be downloaded from either of the links above.
Remember to download the specific recovery file for your Samsung Galaxy S6 variant.

2- Download the NOTE 5 ROM: you can download the Galaxy NOTE 5 ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S6 from here. Once the download is complete, move the ROM to the root of your SD Card (Inbuilt or External).

3- Boot to Recovery: boot your phone to recovery either using the recovery key combination or adb command.

4- Wipe Data/Factory Reset the Phone: from the recovery, Data Wipe/Factory Reset the phone.

5- Flash the ROM: following successful wiping of the phone, you can now install/flash the ROM on the phone.
To flash the ROM, simply select "Install from SD Card" or "Install" then, navigate to the folder where the ROM is saved on the phone and select it. Confirm your selection and then; proceed.
Wait few seconds until the installation is complete. You can now reboot the phone to enjoy full GALAXY NOTE 5 ROM on your GALAXY S6.

This ROM does not give you root access by default, to root the phone after flashing the ROM, you should follow the guides here: How to Root Any Phone Using