Windows 10 ISO File: Download Here

Windows 10 ISO file is now available and ready for download. If you are having a PC that is eligible for the Windows 10 upgrade and have yet received the notification to download the upgrade, or that you wish to have the Windows 10 ISO file so that you may install it on another PC, here is how to download the ISO file for Windows 10 and burn it on formatted or blank DVD or USB disk.

This Windows 10 ISO file is especially useful for those willing to have the Windows 10 installed on their PCs but are not eligible for the free upgrade or do not have genuine (activated) Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 installed on their PCs. -these are the major criteria for receiving the Windows 10 upgrade for free.

Although, this download is official, you don’t need any product key to download the ISO media file from Microsoft. Just about anyone can download it as long as internet connection is available. Though it is important to note that genuine Windows product key will be required during clean installation process.

Meanwhile, before you initiate the download, you should be sure that you have enough storage space available on the computer being used for the download.
Also, a blank USB storage device or DVD with at least 4GB of space for the creation of media file following successful download of the ISO file though, this is not necessary as it could be done anytime.

You may download the Windows 10 ISO File from here (Windows x64 bit) and here for (Windows x32 bit).
And once your download is complete, you may see the guide here: How to Create A Bootable Windows 10 USB or DVD Disk for the complete step by step process that should follow.

See the image below to determine the bit of your PC.