How to Copy Pictures, Musics, Contact from your iPad or iPhone to your PC

We all know that not much can be copied from iPhone or iPad onto our PC without iTunes and the way iTunes does its things is not so friendly. It doesn't give us much control over our own stuff and so, we seek alternatives to copy pictures, musics, videos, contacts, apps and even SMS from our iPhone and iPad onto our PC with or without iTunes.

Here, in this tutorial, I discuss how to copy applications, musics, videos, contacts, SMS, and pictures from your iPhone or iPad to your PC, and that, with or without iTunes installed on your PC.

We may proceed with the tutorial when you're ready. Shall we? OK. Let's go.


Step 1: Download Moborobo from here and install it on your PC. If you have iTunes installed on the PC, fine, it'll be a plus.

Step 2: Lunch Moborobo on your PC

Step 3: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC using the compatible USB Cable. Make sure that you are using a USB Cable that can sync files between the PC and and the iPhone or iPad.

Wait few seconds until Moborobo detects and connects with the iPhone or iPad.

Step 4: Once connected, locate "Backup & Restore" from the right side of Moborobo GUI and click it.

NOTE: you should connect just one phone at a time to avoid confusion.

Step 5: Now, "Mark/Tick" all the contents of the iPhone or iPad that you wish to backup. E.g. Contact, Image, SMS, Music and others and the click, "Backup".

i- It is advised that you backup the contents in the same folder specified by Moborobo for easier restoration.
ii- Observe the "Backup Folder" in the message above so that you  may be able to manually transfer your files as you wish.